14 November 2005

Dance monkey! Dance!

Dancin'...dancin'...dancin'...dancin' machine! My baby loves to dance! When she hears music she stops, gets the hugest smile on her face and then bounces that little tush away! She has now started to do the "raise the roof" move with her hand while bouncing. Spencer and I like to dance and try to as much as well can, but this girl beats us with moves, rhythm and beats. She is hilarious to watch!

She'll dance to the background music on her Baby Einstein movies, classical music quitely playing the background, rock and roll, country--you name it, she's dancing to it. She's not picky, as long as it's got notes. She was even dancing yesterday in church while we were singing hymns.

A couple weeks ago we were in the grocery store and the guy that was bagging our food was singing to Rachel. She looked at him for a while as if to size up his musical ability and then started gettin' down in the cart! The checker saw this and told me a story of her two friends. They both have babies born within days of each other. One baby loves dancing and will boogie till the cows go home, but the other one couldn't care less about what music was on in the background. This facinates me. Why do some babies like music and others don't care? Does this mean that Rachel is going to be very musically talented (many of her aunts and uncles play instruments and/or sing) or does it mean sometihing totally different? I'm interested to find out.

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