26 November 2005

I Love Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving! I'm sad it's over. We just got back from 3 days in Arizona with Spencer's family. Although the drive out there with idiodic and oblivious drivers was a bit frustrating, we had a great time. Might I say, Rachel did remarkably well with the 6 1/2 hour drive too (there AND back). I'm so proud of her. Only the family we were staying with knew that we were coming. We had originally planned on something else, but you know how plans change. We got there at 10:30 on Wednesday night while they were all watching Pirates of the Carribean. They were not expecting us at all and were totally surprised. It was a fun surprise to pull on them! Thursday was fantastic! My sister-in-law made a superb Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. We happily scarfed them down! Later that night, we all hung out in the backyard around the firepit while Spencer and four of his brothers played bump-out. It was so fun to talk and watch the boys play basketball. Something about that night made me really enjoy being with Spencer's family. Friday we just hung around relaxing and eating leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches. It was such a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to doing it again! I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving too!

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