15 November 2005

I'm on a rampage

A domestic rampage that is. Sometimes I have the desire to just clean and clean and today was one of those days. I had the house vacuumed, the kitchen clean, my clothes put away and the bed made--all before 8:30 this morning! After I put Rachel down for her nap at 9:15 I picked up the ironing. I hate ironing...with a passion, but today it was fun!

Now mind you, this does not happen very often. Usually I lollygag around the house, playing with Rachel until she goes down for her nap. Then I'll sit at the computer guilty because of the cleaning I should do, but don't want to. If I have time after I take a shower then maybe I'll put the dishes in the dishwasher, but only if I feel like it. Mornings usually just are not my best times but I was proud of myself today. Now I'm off to clean the bathroom. If only I can keep this up...

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