12 November 2005

This sickens me

Here's a link to a story I found on FoxNews. It's about a woman who fell asleep on her baby while breastfeeding and suffocated her. She didn't just fall asleep though. She passed out drunk. Her blood alcohol level was between .15 and .27 way above the legal limit. So not only was she drunk and passed out while feeding her daughter, she was passing much of that alcohol to her baby. The alcohol level in a mother's breastmilk is close to equal to the level in her blood. Can you imagine how drunk the baby was? She probably had liver poisoning as well.

I am so sickened that something like this could happen to a child. I see my child grow, learn and I love her to death and wonder how a mother could be so irresponsible. The woman was on probation for neglect of this same child and was forbidden to drink alcohol as well. Where is the responsibility these days?

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