07 December 2005

Agree to Disagree

I go walking 3 times a week with a girl in my apartment complex. We are both members the the Church, are in similar life situations and always have an abundance of things to talk about. The thing is, we don't always agree. In fact, much of the time we don't agree...but so far that hasn't been a hinderance to our 8 o'clock appointment at her front door on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

There has been much talk about banning the use of Christmas in the news lately. Everyone is afraid to offend everyone else. It's considered offensive if you wish someone a "Merry Christmas" for fear that they don't celebrate the holiday. You are not allowed to say hardly anything controversial in case the person who you are talking to might get their feelings hurt. If you do, you are the one labled insenstive. It drives me nuts! I want to be able to have an opinion and feel comfortable expressing it. I confess, I have been lured into this trap and found myself unable to condradict someone in conversation, but walking with my friend has reawakened my desire and need to share my opinion.

On our walks we talk about everything from raising our daughters to how to spend our money to our husbands and anything else going on in our lives. She is headstrong and definitely has her opinions but our conversations have never become heated. We respect each other's posistion on the topic and in a friendly way move on to the next topic. Isn't this the way conversations are supposed to be? Isn't this what we are given as humans--to think for ourselves? We are built to have ideas and stances on things and most of all NOT keep our mouths shut. I'm not saying we should just say whatever we want and not be sensitive at all, but that we should be able to voice what we believe without fear of the backlash.

I say, "Merry Christmas!" and if you don't like it, well we can just agree to disagree and we will all be happy.

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