15 December 2005

Going through the Bad

I never put much weight on birthdays. People with kids would tell me, "As soon as my son turned 3 he became a bull in a china closet" or "My daughter was such an angel until her 6th birthday." I thought, "yeah right, like a day makes such a difference." Well boy was I wrong! It seems like since Rachel turned 1 she has completely changed. She started getting really picky with what she eats. She will not eat things she devoured just a month ago but will inhale things she's never tried. She also started only taking one nap a day. Until then, it was hit or miss whether she would take an afternoon nap or not. Those things I can deal with though. It's just a matter of adjusting my menu and my schedule. Easy. The thing that I have the hardest time dealing with started last week--6 day after her 1st birthday.

I was at an apointment I had, talking to a woman in her office. Outside her office was toys and a large open play room. Well of course Rachel didn't want to be in the office, she wanted to be out playing. This was not an option because I couldn't watch her. So I sat her on my lap and tried to occupy her with a toy. She did not want to sit on my lap, so she started screaming and crying trying to get me to put her down. The crying lasted about 10 minutes and when I didn't concede, she finally did. Shortly after, I was done with my appointment and let her play for a few minutes before we left. I drove home thinking, "She just threw a fit in that woman's office! Hopefully this is just an isolated incident. Hopefully she was just tired and hungry." Unfortunately, not the case.

Every day so far, if she doesn't like something out come the emotions. She does this sobbing, hysterical cry that is almost comical to watch. Today was the absolute worst though! She does not want to play with any of her toys anymore and expects me to constantly entertain her. I usually let her try to figure out something to do on her own for a while and then I'll play with her. Today I thought, "I'll teach her how to use crayons and color." So I got out the crayons and the coloring book. She looked at all those pretty colors, picked up a crayon and put it in her mouth. "No!" I said sternly. She looked at me with surprise in her eyes, turned down her lower lip and started bawling. Now this is not the first time she has heard the word "no". She knows what it means and sometimes chooses to obey and sometimes chooses not to obey. I am so tired of EVERYTHING going in her mouth and wanted to teach her what the proper use of crayons is. She kept attempting to sneak a bite out of the crayon and every time I would give her that "look" and say, "no". Every time she would break down and sob. After a few stern "no's" she started getting my drift and would bring the crayon to her mouth, look at me, and then hand the crayon to me. I could tell she was doing this with deep, deep reluctance. "Dang, she's looking at me again! Better give her the crayon." I colored alone for a little while, Rachel never grasping the idea that writing utensils actually write and then put the supplies away.

Finally after a couple more attempts at trying to entertain her and her constantly breaking down, I just put her to bed. She took a good nap and thankfully was pretty happy for the rest of the day once she woke up. Can anyone help? Is this something that will be going on for a while or is it just a passing phase? She is so moody and volatile. Is it because she is just tired and trying to adjust to one nap?

I just want my happy baby back and to go back to the good.

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