01 December 2005

My Adventure

Last year at this hour, on this day I was in the hospital. I was not sick or injured, but was in labor. Tonight, or rather tomorrow, at 12:42 am my daughter will be 1 year old. Time has gone by quickly, but I'm not sad. I'm so happy that she is growing and healthy. I love this stage that she is in now. She has come so far! It was so amazing to see her first lift her head off the ground. Spencer and I were so proud of her! Then she learned to roll over, sit up and crawl. Now she's walking, saying a few words and understanding some of the things that I say to her. Over this last year I watched in awe as this little blob of a human that I helped to create became more of person every day. It’s an amazing experience.

Life has not been the same since this little person has entered my world. I have had to change so many things. I have had to put myself before her. I have had to give of myself. I have had to give up many things. I have also had to love more than I thought possible. I cannot imagine life without my little girl. She has brought such delight, such laughter and such wonder in my life.

We have been through sickness, health, crying, laughter, pain and so much more. It has definitely been an adventure. True, I cannot believe she is 1 already, but I so am looking forward to the adventures that we will have in the future.

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