11 December 2005

O Christmas Tree

It really feels like Christmas in my home now. We got our Christmas tree last night. It's a beautiful noble fir with perfectly spaced branches. I decorated it with red bows and red and silver ornaments. It sits peacefully in the corner of our living room exuding a soft white glow from the string of lights. I even wrapped some presents today to place under the tree. The thing is the tree is not even as tall as me and I'm only 5' 2" so it doesn't have to climb to great heights. Though this tree is small, I think it's the tallest tree we've had.

The first year I begged Spencer to get a tree. All we could afford was a 2 1/2 foot tall one from Home Depot. It was only big enough to hold 9 ornaments and that was pushing it! I bought some beautiful ribbon to adorn it as well and it seemed a bit crowded. But we had a tree!

The second Christmas we spent together I was determined to get a bigger tree. I think we got another one from Home Depot--this one had to be like 3 1/2 feet tall, at least! I was dreaming big and got creative. I saw a tree at a department store decorated with Crayola crayons and I decided that's what I want to do with my tree. I bought some crayons and went to work. I made some pretty cute ornaments if I say so myself. To complement the ornmaents I found the perfect striped ribbon at Michaels and made some bows. I was dang proud of that tree! Others didn't quite understand how proud I was of my work. My Grandpa and his wife came over one night to deliver a gift. When she saw the tree she commented, "Oh I remember when I was young and too poor to buy ornaments. I had to hand decorate my tree then." Ouch! (Here's a picture and you can make your own judgements. I forgot until looking at this picture that I also made a cunstruction paper chain. Maybe that's what made it look cheap.)

The last couple years our trees have gotten progressively larger, but they are still small. This year we had to put the stand on boxes and barricade it from our walking child. If she could reach, I just know she would grab that tree by it's trunk, push it and watch it tip right over laughing the whole time!

Tall or short tree, I'm just glad we have one. It makes the season of Christmas seem more real for me. Yay Christmas!


Kristen J said...

My tree looks really great from about 2 feet up!

I'm scared to put any presents under my tree. Hurricane Josie will surely blow them away.

I'll be sitting in the family room and all of the sudden the tree will start shaking and I know that the hurricane is at it again!

Oh yeah, Myra the rat died. Two down, one to go! Uh, I meant we're all really sad about it.

Jamie J said...

Ah kids...I'm sure we'll do the decorate from 2 feet up once we get a tree that's larger than 4 feet :).

My condolences to your family. I'm sure you feel like you've lost a kid. You can pull through this Kristen.