26 January 2006

I'm about ready to pull my hair out

So we live in low-income housing. It's not government housing. It's a private company that builds these complexes all over and they get a tax write off. So it benefits us and them. The apartments are brand new--we are the first people to live in ours--and I just got back from our yearly recertification interview. I handed over the necessary documents and she filled out forms. It was fine until Rachel started having a breakdown. Screaming and crying at the top of her lungs! She did not want to sit in my lap. But if I put her down she went straight for the outlet socket or some other thing that she wasn't allowed near. So me and this lady are talking about my stuff while Rachel is screaming and trying to get out of my arms. I get up to go and the lady says "Before you go can you please look at your bank statements and tell me where anything over $150 came from?" Sure. There is one for about $200 that shows that it's a transfer from our savings into our checking. So I tell her that.

"Well where did it come from?"

"UH, my savings account."

"Well where did it originally come from?"

I look at her.

"What? You really think I know where some random $200 came from that's been sitting in my savings accout for years?????"

She is clearly NOT very bright! So we go back and forth, me telling her it just came from my savings and her saying it had to be payroll or a gift or something--all the while Rachel is screaming bloody murder and I'm turning her in circles trying to giver her a different perspective. Finally the lady got it and said I just had to write it was a transfer from my savings (Uh, that's what I said in the first place!!!!). I left with Rachel upside down and me holding her by her legs as we pass a nice older couple waiting in line. I probably looked like quite the responsible mother! Oh I was soooo mad!!!!

I left on the verge of MAD tears and ready to scream myself! As soon as we got in the house Rachel was so happy again, like nothing ever happened. Lovely...And to make things worse I have to go back to the office and give that lady a couple more papers again. I think I'll just put them in the drop box.

To top it all off, Spencer now makes less money (working part-time so he can actually finish his college degree) but because the amount of money he now makes doesn't fit into their little formula we are stuck paying a higher rent than we should. Anyone know where I can get a job?


Kristen J said...

Don't you love those situations? One time Sam (she was about Rachel's age) threw the biggest temper tantrum at Costco because I wouldn't let her pet a stuffed animal all day long.

Eventually I had to leave the cart full of food in the middle of the aisle and leave. Oh yeah, Tomi was with me laughing her head off the whole time. I was not a happy wpoman!

Zeearah said...

My husband and I have been self employed for years with our own business - contracting with others. It wasn't until this past term that he was ready to go back to school again - feeling that we were stable enough and that he had enough time. Unfortunately, we're getting to the point where we don't like the company that we're contracted with - but know that we won't be able to find something else that will give us the same income and allow him time to go to school. So - we're looking into the airforce. I highly recommend it. As far as family - I wouldn't try any other military branch - air force is the best. Jon will be able to have more predictable hours, schooling paid for, our insurance paid for, housing, food, and a salary. We'll be making about the same that we are now - he'll go in as a higher enlisted rank because he does have some college and an eagle scout. You can even get a signing bonus if you speak another language (you'll have to look into it). And once you get your bachelors - you become an officer and have a huge salary increase. The housing is also suppose to be the nicest out of all of the other branches. They also have quite a few family support programs. It's an exciting opportunity for us. We have spoken with people in other branches of the military - and they're unhappy. My cousin and his wife are in the Air Force and they absolutely love it! They're considering being lifers - I think that says a lot. So, try looking there. PS - if you're going in as enlisted - 27yrs. is the cut off date. I don't know how old you are - so didn't want you looking there if your husband didn't qualify. If you want to ask me more email me at mrzjvdyer@gmail.com

Jamie J said...

Wow, the Airforce...I never thought about going into the military. We are 27 right now and so that would only give us a few months to decide. I'm not sure that he wants to delay his schooling any more--he's still got about 2 years left--but that sure is an interesting suggestion.

Zeearah said...

Yeah - my husband is 27 this November - the age limit is actually 28 by the time you go to basic training. And we're planning on Jon finishing his degree while in. He has a little more than two years left as well. And depending on what career you choose - you could have pretty standard hours - giving him time to do his schooling. It all depends on how determined he is though. However, it's not for everyone. We're still trying to figure out if it's right for us.

Jamie J said...

My husband is working toward his business degree (he's at CSU San Marcos) so he could continue that, couldn't he? Where are the bases and where is basic training?

Zeearah said...

Jamie - he could continue his degree - but he'd need to do it distance learning or online courses. My husband has been looking at transferring his credits to Baker College - they have his degree Business Admin. & Accounting online - even through the masters program (and in our case, none of his credits will be lost!). Baker is in Michigan - they have a great list of online degrees and are accredited. That was important to us - the accounting is even accredited and accepted for the state of Washington (where we live). You could just do a google search for online business degrees with accredited colleges.

Your husband might be able to continue through his current school if they can do it online for him. Otherwise - other options are to take classes from a university wherever he's posted (based) - but I would highly recommend doing it online - for flexibility in time and location (in case he's relocated, deployed, whatever) - yes, it is possible to do classes when deployed (I've talked to someone who has done it).

Go to the air force website (www.airforce.com) - it can tell you where the bases are (all over the US and internationally). There are quite a few in Southern Ca as well. Where is basic trainig? They have it in a few locations - it all just depends. Basic training lasts for about 7 or 8 weeks - and then your husband would have tech training for whatever career he chose - he might even be able to get one that would relate to his bachelors- and some of his training (provided by the air force) might apply to his degree. Careers you can look into at www.usmilitary.about.com - look at Air Force enlisted careers.

Like I said - this is something you'd really have to research for yourself. I'm currently trying to get in touch with a young LDS family that are doing it themselves and find out how they're handling it.

About deployment - the normal deployment time is cyclical for the AF (not so with the other military branches). You're usually home for 18 months and then deployed for 4 months. Much better than ARMY - where your husband could be deployed from 6 months - to three years (no one really knows). With the AF you can better gage things - I really like how things are organized and more structured like a business. In that way, it's a lot more reliable (opinion of those that I've been talking with that are friends in the AF).

Email me if you have more questions - it's easier that way. Talk to you later!

Jamie J said...

Thank you so much for that info! I'll check out those webpages.