10 January 2006

Old people in Vons

I love old people. They make me smile. I was grocery shopping in Vons yesterday (for what it's worth, why do old people flock to Vons? Don't they like Albertsons too?) minding my own business in the sandwich meat section and this old man comes up to me. He's probably in his late 70's early 80's, hunched over carrying a plastic bag. He incomprehensibly mutters, "Have I given you one of my psodruhs holdaads?" "Um, I don't think so," I reply. So he pulls this contraption out of his bag and hands it to me. Turns out he said "purse holder". He proceeds to tell me that when I go out to eat, I put this metal bar on the table and then the hook on the bottom will hold my purse. Kinda neat, but weird. So I say thank you, he bids me a Merry Christmas (yes, this was yesterday) and he walks away. I turned to watch him and he approached a couple more people to give these purse holders to before I walked away. What a nice man.

So I continue on shopping and this other old man comes up to us. He says hello to Rachel and tries to get her to wave at him. He asks what her name is and tells me his name is Peter, but it's Santa Claus to some kids. He had an Irish accent and he was a jolly old man. He was however not very round in the belly or hairy on the chin , so I'm not sure what the St. Nick reference was about. We bid him goodbye and continued on. Another nice man.

Later towards the end of our shopping adventure I saw another old man hobbling in our direction. He was carrying something in his hand and speaking to a friend. "Here's something I haven't had in a long time," he said to his friend, "pistacio nuts! I love them." He was so happy to have a bag full of pistacios. That made his day. It made mine too.

It's just the simple things in life that make us happy; someone wishing you a merry Christmas after Christmas, the thought that Santa was actually in the grocery store with you, and the joy of pistacio nuts.


Kristen J said...

You think you've got old people in San Diego? Try winter in AZ! Today I was in Kmart with yin and yang and I swear it was an old people meat market.

How's Rachel doing? I've noticed with my kids they'll be tempermental for about a month and then they'll get better for about a month, and so on, and so on...

The first born is hard because there's only you to entertain them. Have fun!

Jamie J said...

She was doing much better for a while. Now she's really testy. She's really trying to find out her limits. I know she understands and when she doesn't do what I tell her (or does what tell her not to do) then I get really frustrated.