27 March 2006

Don't even go there

The other day I had to pick Spencer up from work. The way home took us past the remains of a closed Long John Silver’s restaurant. A few years ago I used to work in this neighborhood so I would see it every time I went to work. Each time I passed it, I would silently wonder who eats at that restaurant. Now keep in mind this was in 1998 and the restaurant just closed. Okay I admit I have eaten there once in my life-but it’s not somewhere I think of when I need a place to eat.

Some of the other places that I think fall into this same category as Long John Silver’s are Ell Pollo Loco, Del Taco, and Bollweival. Arby’s is slowly coming into this group, but hasn’t quite attained such infamous status yet.

I always wonder how these places stay in business. I rarely see people eating there. Once I ate at El Pollo Loco on the way home from vacation with a friend because of necessity. I think I had a chicken burrito. Whatever it was, it was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten. Imagine my surprise a few months ago when a new El Pollo Loco opened up just down the street from us. Apparently someone eats there.

Del Taco never seemed like an appetizing place to eat either. Everything they offer on their commercials sounds disgusting and made up. We had a Del Taco in the town I grew up in, but there were never any cars in the parking lot. On occasion I considered eating there, but could never bring myself to actually go through with it. In High School our town got a Taco Bell and I have never thought twice about eating at a Del Taco again.

Okay, lastly Bollweivel. This was a hopping place 15 years ago. We had one of these in our town too and my family frequented it. Sometimes we would go there on Monday nights for Family Home Evening to eat dinner and play pool. I have fond memories of those activities. The billiards was great, but the food was terrible! I will never forget the two times I ordered a salad there. They came in those old brown fake woven wood bowls right out of the fridge. The salad was classic bagged salad that they probably picked up from Costco (Price Club) but that wasn’t the issue. The issue was the water. There was about a half an inch of water at the bottom of the bowl under the salad each time I ordered it. So in order to eat the salad either I would have to mix my dressing with the water, or find somewhere to dump it out. Not my fondest memory of eating out.

Anyway, somehow these places still manage to stay in business AND open up new restaurants. If I am way off base and you eat—and actually like—some of these places, please tell me. I sure won’t eat at any of them unless I have a very good reason.


LammyAnn said...

We had a WONDERFUL El Pollo Loco in San Diego when I went to college there. We'd go there often because the food was AWESOME, the place was clean and tidy, (bathrooms in restaurants are a big tattle tale for me) and near our apartment.
Too bad you had a bad experience. ... Arby's and Schlotzkeys was that way for me. BLEH:(

Jamie J said...

Funny, I almost brought in Arby's to this group, but it doesn't quite fit in my opinion. I like Schlotzkeys though.

allison r said...

We don't eat out a lot but on occasion we eat at del taco. i like it, it's the only place that has hamburgers and tacos in the same place. i only recently discovered el pollo loco but i like that place too. it's the only place to get a BRC (beans rice and cheese burrito) and a side of mashed potatoes and gravy (one of my favorite things to eat). arby's is okay but i don't care for fish so i've never been to long john silver's. i think i just like the places with more variety. it's hard to always eat a burger and fries or just tacos.