19 March 2006


I should have written this yesterday but I didn't have time. So I'm writing it at 11 o'clock at night because for some reason I'm not tired. Usually I am conked out on my pillow by this hour of the night, but oddly not tonight. I'll probably pay for it tomorrow...oh well.

Okay on to the story: yesterday morning Spencer and I woke up before Rachel at about 7 o'clock. We normally just lay in bed as long as we can until we hear her wake up. Yesterday we didn't hear her until 7:30. Spencer got up to get her and I went to the bathroom. When I went in her bedroom I said "Good morning!" and then I noticed the smell. It was awful! I almost gagged! It smelled like vomit that had been left in a bowl over night. I looked at Rachel and she didn't look or act sick, but there was some wet spots on her bed. Poor baby, I thought. She had a bad belly ache and threw up. So Spencer took her into the living room to change her clothes and diaper. As soon as he started to unsnap the jammies, we found the source of the smell: it wasn't vomit, it was poop! There was poop ALL in her jammies and caked on her legs!

We rushed her to the bathroom and quickly threw her in the bathtub. The nasty smelling brown stuff was all over. It was so gross! So I cleaned her up, got her a new diaper and some clothes on and surveyed the damage. Apparently she had quite a bit of diarrhea and it was just too much for her diaper. Plus she hadn't just recently pooped...from the way it was stuck to her legs it looked like it had definitely been there at least a few hours. Her leg was so red yesterday and still is rashy today. Poor baby!

And the smell...oh, the smell! It was so strong in her room! I don't know how she stayed asleep or quiet for so long in the morning! I would have been jumping out of my crib or yelling for mama had it been me! We had to open the window and fan out her room for a quite a few hours before the smell dissipated. After her bath, I was holding her--clean diaper, clothes and all--and I could still smell the poop on her. This was some strong stuff! So I had to give her a second bath! Finally I deemed her clean enough and smell free so she could go about her day.

I'm not sure what caused this outpouring of poop on an otherwise wonderful Saturday morning, but I'm glad that it was an isolated event. I don't think Rachel's legs and my nose could have handled more abuse!


Lisa M. said...

Oh yipes.

At least she didn't try to change her own diaper?


Island Queen said...

LOL .. oh man. I remember those days. Yes - thank goodness she didn't try and change her own diaper!

Jamie J said...

Oh that would have been horrible! She does know how to take her jammies off so I was really surprised she didn't at least do that! Lucky for us it was all contained in her jammies--made for a relatively easy cleanup :).

Lei said...

You can probably plan on that happening again! Lol!

FrogLegs said...

Oh dear... what a gross thing! BUt you're a good mom- I don't think I could have cleaned up her, I'd be dry heaving something fierce!