16 April 2006

Happy Easter

Today, the lesson in Relief Society was from Wilford Woodruff and entitled Understanding Death and Resurrection. Last week the lesson was about the Atonement so I've been thinking about this topic for a while. I've always wondered what was meant by the Atonement and Resurrection "overcoming death". What did that mean? In the lesson last week it gave me half an answer. President Woodruff says
"But man, having transgressed the law of God, justly entailed upon himself the
curse of disobedience, from which he was incapable of redeeming himself,
neither could any less than an infinite sacrifice atone for his fall. The effect
of his disobedience, it is well known, was death and this curse has been hereditary to all the posterity of Adam. He is now under the jurisdiction and within the dominion of death, and to achieve a victory over death it was necessary that some one more holy and pure than the being who had become the transgressor should enter into his dominion, in order that he might thereby have that dominion destroyed; and unless this be done, the control which death will hold over mankind must be eternal. "

So because we sin, we need the Atonement or we will be held in the powers of death. We need that one pure, holy, perfect person to overcome death. My question at this point is why is death so bad that we need someone to overcome it? The question was asked in Relief Society today "How does the Atonement of Jesus Christ take the sting out of death?" I started thinking about that.

When we die, our spirits and our bodies are separated; our bodies stay here in this earth and our spirits move on to the Spirit World. When we are resurrected our bodies will be joined with our spirits again. Without our bodies, we cannot progress. Essentially if this was our last state we become as Satan and his followers. They will never have bodies and therefore will never have a chance to be exalted. If the resurrection of the Savior had never taken place our spirits and our bodies would be eternally separated. We would never be exalted. We would never have an opportunity to be like our Savior and Father in Heaven. This was not Heavenly Father's plan for us.

The Anonement of Christ takes out the sting of death by providing an opportunity for everyone who lives on this earth a chance to become like Christ. God has given everyone the gift of resurrection because he wants everyone to come back to him. So truly without the Atonement and Resurrection we would be captive to the powers of death--we would have no progression. Because of the Atonement and Resurrection we have every chance we take to become more and more like our Savior. Because of the Atonement and Resurrection there is hope.


Kristen J said...

I've been enjoying your posts this morning. I like the way you take the reader through your questions and then how you reach your conclusions.

Keep up the good work!

Jamie J said...

Thanks Kristen!