09 April 2006


Here's a little update to a couple things. First, I had my appointment with the High Council member on Thursday. Thankfully the calling I received has nothing to do with Relief Society--I wonder what my dream was all about, though. They called me to be on the Stake Emergency Preparedness committee. I get to work with one of my really good friends who is the chair-person and it sounds pretty low-stress. Yay!

Second item of discussion deals with this man I met in Vons a while back. He was the one passing out his "purse holder" things. Well I saw him again today! He was standing at a main intersection--you know, where the newspaper guys stand--and when the light turned red, walked out and started handing these things out to people in their cars. Granted this man is like 80 years old and not fit to be hanging around a busy intersection! I'm not sure what his motive is for handing these out, but I hope he stays safe.

Oh yeah one more thing. My husband has so many thoughts swimming around in his head, that he's decided to put them all down on paper, errr, a computer screen? He just wrote his first guest post last night so check it out. Not sure if he will become addicted to this blogging thing and join me permanently, but enjoy his sense of humor while it's here!

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