11 May 2006

6 Weird Things

Okay, here are 6 weird things about me.

1. I only drink water out of plastic cups and milk and juice out of glass.

2. I'm a picker. I'm contantly picking at Rachel or DH--ears, fuzz balls, pimples, you name it.

3. I hate loose hairs. Drives me crazy to see hair on people's backs or on furniture. It either has to be on the person's head or on the ground.

4. I prefer my PB&J sandwiches toasted. Something about melted peanut butter...mmmmmm

5. I hate to touch the bottom of open bodies of water. I love to swim but start to get panicky if I touch the bottom of the ocean because I don't know what's down there. I can't snorkel because of this. I get super panicky and hyperventilate when my face gets too close. I'll tread water in the ocean ALL day if I need to instead of touching the ground--even if it's only 4 feet deep!

6. I clean my ears every day but I use 2 q-tips. One side to dry them after the shower and one to actually clean them. I never feel like my ears are dry enough or clean enough unless I use both sides.

1 comment:

Island Queen said...

LOL... love the q-tip thing. And i totally feel you on the not knowing what's on the bottom of the ocean! [shudder] ...