12 May 2006

Chris was Robbed!

I know this is a day late and I'm probably the last to write about the latest American Idol drama, but we don't have TV. Consequently I have to watch my favorite show taped on Friday morning--thanks to a wonderful friend.

I could not believe my eyes when they announced the bottom two as Chris Daughtry and Katherine McFee. Now I already knew that Chris got voted off, but to see it for myself is so different! Katherine didn't do a stellar job on Tuesday night, but has a great, strong history on the show. I’m not a fan of her fashion choices, but she has a clear, beautiful voice. Chris I have loved from the beginning when I first heard him sing "Hemorrhage" by Fuel.

That dark, deep, rough sounding voice pierced me to the c ore. I love the whole rocker persona, yet I think some of my all time favorite songs he sang are those where he just held the mic and sang right into the camera with those piercing eyes penetrating your soul. Okay, maybe the soul piercing is a little much, but I loved watching Chris perform every week. He was the reason I watched each week.

Not only was I sad that he got kicked off because he is really talented, but also because of his life. It was so nice and refreshing to see someone married with kids get so far in the show. He was just such a good guy!

The band Fuel has offered him a job as their lead singer but I hope he doesn't take it. I hope that those who can make things happen for him have been watching and recognize his talent. I hope that despite not being number 1 or even number 2, that his dreams can still come true. I hope to be hearing Chris Daughter rocking' out on my radio soon!


Spencer J said...

I totally agree. Chris was the one and only I wanted to watch each week.

Spencer J said...
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Island Queen said...

Ok I was soooo shocked!! I totally thought it would be Katherine!!