26 May 2006


I have a confession to make: I'm a nosy person. There I said it. Now I can start therapy and everyone can get on with their life. Seriously though, I have this strong need to know what everyone else is doing. I love watching cars come and go out of our apartment complex. My ears prick when I hear voices outside. I love to know what is in people's medicine cabinets in their bathrooms.

The last apartment we lived in was heaven. We were Number 2 on the bottom floor and right in front of the office and mail boxes. One of the main sidewalks crossed right in front of our living room window--the window I could look out of while browsing the internet on the computer. We also had a window directly located so that I could see everything from the kitchen. It was great. I knew when people came home from work, when they got their mail, and who was playing in the common area. We never had those windows closed. It drove me nuts to not be able to see what was happening outside.

We have since moved to a different apartment. We now live on the third floor with a balcony that overlooks the parking lot and a couple other buildings. This complex is much bigger and it took some getting used to. For one thing there are no windows on the wall that our front door is on. Every time I hear voices in the hallway I wonder who is coming or leaving home. Sometimes it gets so bad that I have to get on my tippy toes and peek through the little peep hole on the door to see what is going on. The good thing about where we live is that I can sit on the balcony and look like I am enjoying the ocean breeze and fresh air when in reality I am just eavesdropping on the pedestrians passing by unawares below. The other good thing about living here is our bedroom window looks over the main entrance and exit to the complex. I see most of the cars that come in and out.

Now I'm really not some creepy person who you never want to live near for fear of your personal lives being exposed. I'm really quite valuable. You actually want me to live in your neighborhood. Because I know who people are and what the general activities of the day is, I am more aware when things are out of the ordinary. It hasn't happened yet, but I bet one of these days my skills will be sought after like those of Sherlock Holmes. Who knows, one day I may even stop a crime from happening because of my watchful eye.


Island Queen said...

LOL... i just gotta laugh Jaime. I'm nosy too!! I'm undercover nosy. Shoot - you know my ears are perking up at every voice I hear. lol.. glad to know i'm not alone

Jamie J said...

I'm glad you laughed! I was hoping someone would think this was funny! haha..Glad I'm not alone!

My Full Hands said...

Yeah, it's allways good to have some one who knows hte ins and outs of the area. Wish you were in my old complex when we got ROBBED!