07 June 2006

Wonder Years

I found the greatest thing on the internet the other night. Hours and hours of endless viewing enjoyment of the hit 80's TV show the "Wonder Years." Yes you heard me right. The "Wonder Years."

I used to love that show! My family would watch it religiously. My mom used to say that my sister and I had the same relationship that Kevin and Wayne had--of course I was Kevin. For the past couple years I have continually checked new DVD releases to see if that show has been put on DVD. No luck yet. I'm not sure why though--they put way worse shows on DVD for mass release and this one was totally popular during its time.

But no matter now. I've hit my jackpot. I went to youtube.com and searched for "Wonder Years" and 29 episodes showed up! I watched a couple when I did the search because Spencer was watching The Matrix (the clean flix version, of course) and I just don't understand those movies. I haven't had the opportunity to watch any more, but I can't wait until I can! They bring back such wonderful childhood memories.

For those of you who loved the Wonder Years as much as me I provide for your viewing pleasure the first episode. Enjoy.

EDIT: Sadly this video has been removed from youtube.com. Hopefully someone will realize what a great show The Wonder Years was and someday put it on DVD.

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s'mee said...

I am SOOOO coming back to this post when I have a half and hour....or 22 minutes!