14 July 2006

All you need is love...and money

Foxnews.com has lots of streaming video clips about almost anything. You can watch clips about what is happening in Israel. You can watch tidbits on the stock market. You can even watch the clip about Chris Daughtry signing a record deal (yeah!). However, along with these clips you get something else.

At the beginning of all of them is a 15 or 30 second commercial. Now we don't have TV so I rarely watch commercials. I hate them. If I had TV we'd have to get a DVR so I wouldn't have to watch them. When the Fox News commercials come on, I usually mute them because I'm watching a few different videos and I don't want to watch the same one 5 times and I just hate to listen to people trying to sell me something.

This morning I was browsing through the videos and for some reason I didn't mute one that came on. It caught my attention. It starts out with a familiar tune in the background and two people putting filled-to-the-brim shopping bags into their car. They are obviously completely happy with their purchases. They drive away as the announcer starts talking. He says, "No matter what you love, all you need is a Chase Rewards card." The music in the background continues on, "All you need is love. All you need is love. All you need is love, love. Love is all you need."

So are they telling me all I need is love and I can have anything I want? Sweet! Where do I sign? I love a lot of things! No seriously though, this commercial drives me crazy! What has our society come to? It’s obvious by the things around us that we have become a society of immediate wants and this credit card caters completely to those wants. All we need is love? What about money? Who’s going to pay for all the things you buy because you love them? Oh wait, I only have to pay $20 bucks a month for that thousand dollar ‘whatever’. Where do I sign again?

What about actually buying things we have money for? This commercial epitomizes the society we live in these days and I can't believe we've come this far. Now not to toot my own horn, but Spencer and I buy nothing on credit. We have a credit card—and that is all we use—but only because it gives us cash back on groceries and gas. Who doesn’t need that? I do owe a small amount of money on my student loans, but I hate the feeling of having that over my head. I don’t know how people do it with thousands of dollars of credit card debt.

Honestly I think this credit card commercial is advertising a card similar to what we currently use, but the concept of “I like that. I love that. I’ll buy that.” is troubling to me. This is not the message that will bring you what you really want and what is of most worth.


Shawn Dowler said...

When I was in the MTC was the first time I lived for any length of time "commercial free." After 8 weeks without commercials we were driven to the airport in Salt Lake from Provo. Along the way we drove by billboard after billboard telling us the things we needed to be happy. It felt quite strange and I commented to the people around me how weird all the billboards looked.

After spending 2 years without a TV I returned home. I was excited for TV. I grew up with TV, and I missed TV. I went to a friend's house and he was watching "That 70's Show." This was a weird triple whammy. I liked this show before I left. Now I found it disgusting. Then, what was even stranger was the laugh track and the reactions of the people in the room. I would hear a joke that wasn't even close to funny. The laugh track would laugh, then a second later everyone in the room would laugh. I wasn't laughing. The laugh track no longer worked on me! The third part of the aforementioned whammy was the commercials. How strange to see two minutes of people telling me, again, what I needed to be happy.

I hate commercials. I never see commercials. I use firefox with the Adblock extension and the Filterset.G Updater. I watch all of my TV without commercials. Whenever anyone says "you know that commercial where..." I say, "Nope. I haven't watched commercials in over 5 years. Sorry."

The Nag said...

We don't have a TV either. Do you ever feel excluded from conversation at social gatherings because you can't talk about the latest cool TV show or reality TV? I feel that way ALL the time.

Thanks for the post.

Jamie J said...

The Nag, sometimes I feel left out, but then when I hear about most of the things they are talking about, I'm glad I don't have tv. I do love Amercian Idol and recently watched the first season of 24 on DVD and that was great, but I could wast SO much time on the tv if we had it. Most of what is on tv now is just a waste. I'm to the point where I'd just rather read a good book and couldn't care less about what I'm missing on tv.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Commercials exist solely to make you feel so lacking in life that only by buying this product can you redeem yourself. I hate 'em.

You NEVER see commercials telling you how good you have it, or to count your blessings.

We hardly ever watch TV either, unless it's reruns, cartoons, or free movies on pay-per-view. Maybe we should just turn off cable and get DVDs.