24 July 2006

Ever wonder what you truly need?

Just type in your first name and "needs" in Google so the internet can tell you. Thanks to Naddin J for the idea!

Here are mine:
Jamie needs a kid. (Got one of those already)
Jamie needs your vote!
Jamie needs a bit of help to get up on the bed. (oh I hope not yet!)
Jamie needs mental help (ah, dang. I thought I could keep that one to myself!)
Jamie needs a car. (I could use another one, why not?)
Jamie needs to grow up an stop making all of thoes horrible faces.
Jamie needs a nap. (who doesn't?)
Jamie needs some sugar
Jamie needs to radically improve her interpersonal skills and make major improvements to her tone and body language (ouch!)
Jamie needs to learn how to sit up straight (so true. I do have a problem with posture)
Jamie needs to come to California this summer! (Wahoo! I'm already here!)
Jamie needs a haircut soon (yeah, pretty much)
Jamie needs to make sure all the computers are working as fast as they can.
Jamie needs guitars. (I like music.)
Jamie needs a big ole enema. (Um, no thank you!)

Now go find out what you need!


Mabel Maybe said...
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Mabel Maybe said...

Wow, that's fun and spooky, particularly if you have an uncommon name. Here's three of mine:

Johnna needs to know she will get better and needs frequent, positive praise for her efforts and determination. (I'll take that!)

johnna needs to be put in her place (uh-oh)

Johnna needs an operation and a transfusion , or she will die .