10 July 2006

Monday Meme

Monday MeMe

1. Do you have a particular meal-in-a-pinch? Something you always have on hand that can be whipped up at the last minute?

**Usually that's spaghetti. If I just didn't have time to plan a meal--or just didn't want to--I just make spaghetti. What's harder than boiling water, cooking noodles and warming sauce? Not much...

2. Do you have a Emergency Kit for when and if the electricity goes out?
What is in it? And where do you keep it?

**We have our 72 hour kits in the closet right by the front door. They are the the kind that came already put together and are for emergencies. We have a battery powered radio, flashlights, light sticks, a crank radio and other stuff.

3. Do you save water? Where and how do you store it? How much?

**Not much. We live in an apartment and have a serious lack of space. I do carry around a flat of water from Costco in our car so we have that if we need it. Plus we have water in our 72 hour kits.

4. Do you know how to change a tire on your car?

**Yes, and I have done it within the last 5 years.


Island Queen said...

Dang .. you're good. Still working on the 72 hour kits for me .. that's a goal by the end of this year.

Jamie J said...

Last October our stake put on an Emergency preparedness drill where we had to report to the building with our family and our kits. We didn't have one. I felt like I was really behind. So after that I was determined to get them. I didn't want to spend the money at first, but then thought what could happen if I don't? So I just went and bought a two person--already filled--kit for me and Spencer and then a small backpack for Rachel. Now it's done and I feel so much better. I just have to remember to change the things out of there every 6 months.

Then a couple months ago I got called to the stake emergency preparedness committee so it's a good thing I had my kits!