22 July 2006

Women vs. the Priesthood

Today Spencer and I went to the temple. We traded babysitting with some friends so it worked out great. We watched their little girl this morning and they watched ours this afternoon. I love babysitting trading!

Anyway, recently I've been thinking a lot about the role of the woman in the church/family/temple. I never really thought about it before a few months ago, but since I've read a few posts on the 'Nacle I think about it a lot more. Today was no exception. I have to say that I have never had any problem with my role as a woman in my marriage or the church. I've always felt at ease with only the men holding the priesthood. I believe that men and women are inherently different and we have different roles. But--and that is a big but,--we work together as a team. We compliment each other and we cannot survive without each other.

Today that thought was confirmed for me. I was sitting in the session thinking about the fact that Eve barely says anything. I know that is a topic of much discussion among some Mormon women. Then came Peter, James on John on the scene. I noticed that James and John don't say anything but introduce themselves. They let Peter do all the talking. He's the one that converses between Adam and Jehovah. For me this was a perfect representation of the way the priesthood works. There is one main leader, but that leader cannot do anything without the others. In all the times we have seen Peter called to the earth to fulfill a responsibility, James and John are right there by his side. They may not have much to say, but Peter cannot do anything without them. Adam--even though the leader and Priesthood holder--has no power without Eve (and the other way around for that matter). Adam may do all the talking between the Lord and Peter but that doesn't make Eve less of a person. She partook of the fruit and was going to be cast out and if they were separated the world would not be what it is now. They would have no posterity. They both needed each other and Adam understood that so he partook of the fruit as well.

In our family, Spencer holds the Priesthood, but without me, his spouse, his Priesthood is virtually incomplete. We make a team. He may be the patriarch, but as the matriarch of the family, I stand right there by his side. He essentially leads our family, but only because I allow him to have that power. There is no battle between woman and the Priesthood in our home.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

That is such a great analogy. I'd never thought of that. I did a post about this last month - I'm supposed to feel oppressed because I'm a woman in the Church and I can't hold the priesthood. You put it perfectly! Thanks for posting this!

The Nag said...

This is great. Very good food for thought. Thanks Jamie!

Julie said...

I really liked this post, thanks!