28 August 2006

I Wanna be a Computer Nerd

Last year I started this blog. Before then I pretty much had no idea of what HTML was. In fact my first encounter with it was trying to customize my links. It took me so long to figure out how to make it work. For the life of me I could not decipher what was in all those greater or less than brackets <>.

But finally after trying and trying, I got it to work! Yay! I put in more links and got more and more excited each time it actually worked. Little did I know that that one moment would be a defining moment for years to come. (Okay, it hasn't actually been a year since I started blogging, but who really cares, right?) Seriously though, at that point in time I decided I wanted to learn this foreign language called HTML. I had all these ideas of how to customize my blog and I wanted to be able to do it myself. So a few days after the moment of bliss I headed over to the Public Library to get me a learn-it-yourself HTML manual.

I decided to go with HTML for Dummies because that's just what I was. The first second I had some free time, I cracked open that book to see what pearls of knowledge it could give me. I started reading and very soon was again completely lost in all the coding examples they were giving. Over the course of a few weeks I diligently read the first few chapters but they were mostly introductory chapters dealing with the purpose of building a website. (The authors only considered a business website a decent reason to build one). They were pretty against building personal web pages and since I had just built up all my courage to create my very own blog, I was pretty sensitive. Plus I just wanted to purely learn HTML, not read all the extra stuff. I took the library book back when it was due.

Since that time, I haven't tried to learn much besides try to decipher the coding for my blog until something wonderful happened. I got the blessed course catalog from Palomar College in my mailbox. Each time we get one I page through it just to see if any class strikes my interest and this time I found one. A course simply titled "Intro to HTML & XHTML. " (Queue the angels singing...) I knew that was the class for me! I started looking at the other courses listed under the Computer Science category and they all sounded so interesting! At that moment I realized that deep down what I really wanted to be was a computer nerd. All those programming and networking classes looked so fun! I really enjoy working on computers but have only really skimmed the surface of what computers can really do. So this semester I am enrolled in the HTML class online and looking forward to what I can learn over this semester.

Here's to learning that foreign language of HTML over this semester and finally getting in touch with the computer nerd in me.


Spencer J said...

I have a closet nerd of a wife.

Jamie J said...

And you LIKE it!

Lianna said...

Be proud to be a closet computer nerd Jamie. My grandpa is the biggest one I know as well as my 2 uncles, but they are still cool. I will be looking for your new HTML skills to impress us all.