06 September 2006

A Little Update

Labor day has come and gone and with it marks a change. Kids go back to school, the summer is over and the weather starts to change. Life is different for everyone....including me. A lot has been happening in the "J" household recently. Because of all the busy-ness around here I have not been blogging as much as my 6 daily visitors demand. For that I apologize, but I have good reasons for neglecting the blog. Here's my short list:

First as you all recently read, I am trying to become a computer nerd. I started this on-line class to learn HTML and it takes up a lot of time! I spend most of my evenings working on the assignments that are given in the book. Here's my webpage so far if you're interested. It's nothing really to look at--just assignments, but I'm proud of it! This class is cool because it's so hands-on. I love that with HTML I can make things happen. Like for instance before there was nothing there, but because of something I did, there is something. That's just plain cool.

And second, I am working again. I know I tried this before and I bailed out quick. It just wasn't right for me then, but this time I think it will work. I'm doing some work for my brother-in-law on a regular basis. It won't be near as much time as the last job and much more flexible. I've been training for a few days and quickly getting the hang of it. The problem is I can't really dive in fully until we move next week and the lady that does it now is anxious to be done.

Lastly (and this is purely an update, not a reason not to blog) the move was delayed. We went to sign our lease on August 30th and they told us our building will not be completed until September 14th. Great. Everyone else on the property can move in on the 1st, except us. I felt like they said "Here are your keys, everyone, except the "J's." Then they look at you kind of uncomfortably and say, "Um, why don't you just stand over there..." Thankfully our current complex let us just pay 15 days and stay here. Consequently we have boxes crowding our living room and our bedroom anxiously waiting for that blessed day when they will meet their new home.

All in all I have to say I'm busy for good reasons. Plus all these things are answers to prayers--well maybe not the schooling. We were praying to find a place that is cheaper than where we live now and we got it. We were praying for a way to bring in more money each month and we got it. I wanted to take this class and luckily it's paid for. God is mindful of us and our situation and we are truly blessed. I couldn't be happier!

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