22 October 2006

You are beautiful

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered why you don't look like those people on TV, movies or magazines? I'll tell you why. What you see isn't the reality; it isn't who these people really are.

Just check out this link. What I want you to click on is the Portfolio, Agree then the Before/After. Make sure you click to see the before. What is in the magazines and on screen has been so doctored up that it can be argued that it's not even the same people that we are seeing. For example, on page 2 under the "Composite/Manipulation" link, there is a picture of Tom Cruise. In the Before picture there is a person with him. In the After picture he's just sitting on the couch alone. In the original picture his right arm is around the girl and his leg is bent under him. In the After he's sitting there comfortably. What they did, was take his left arm and leg and flip them over to create the other side of his body. The right half of him didn't work so they just made a new one!

Now I'm all for Photoshop. I think it's a super cool program and I wish I had $400 bucks to spend on it. But come on...editing and retouching has gone way too far.

It's no wonder we are all so concerned about how we look. Because of this we have such a skewed view of what beauty really is. There's no way we could be as beautiful as these people are pretending to be. So next time you look in the mirror and see those wrinkles on your face, or that extra weight on your belly or legs, remember that you are one of God's children and you are beautiful just the way you are!

**Thanks to LammyAnn for the link. Here's another one if you want to see more


Susan M said...

It's crazy, isn't it.

What freaks me out is how common freaky-looking plastic surgery is. I mean, as Hollywood stars age, and more and more of them get plastic surgery that looks freaky, are we going to get used to seeing people looking like that, and start thinking it's normal?

Jamie J said...

I hope not! It's sad, but plastic surgery is no longer only the way of the celebrities either. I know people personally who have had face lifts and all kinds of other body enhancing procedures. It's out of control.

Susan M said...

It's a California thing. I know people too. Or at least, have seen a lot of non-celebrities who have had plastic surgery.