18 November 2006

Pure Inspiration

Rachel will be two years old in two weeks. Whoa, two weeks already?? That just blows my mind. Anyway so we've been dealing with a lot of the things that come with being two: she doesn't want to get dressed, then she doesn't want to get undressed, she doesn't want to eat certain things, she only wants to watch videos, she doesn't listen, and the list goes on and on.

In the past when she doesn't listen I've threatened her with her getting put in her crib for a time out. Inevitable this includes screaming and crying on her part and frustration on my part. Plus I get mad at myself because I can't find a way to clear up the conflict between us calmly.

Well the other day something just came to me like pure inspiration. Rachel wasn't listening for the umpteenth time that day and instead of getting mad and throwing her in her crib, I told her that she had to sit on the couch and she couldn't get off. No one was crying or angry, and the miracle of all, she actually sat there. I had to tell her firmly she couldn't get off and she didn't.

I told her she could get off when she was ready to do whatever I had asked her to do and eventually after she thought about it for a minute, decided to subdue. We both won! And one other super awesome thing about this is it has continued to work! This morning she wouldn't get dressed and she was watching The Incredibles. So first I turned the movie off, then took away her blankets and told her she had to stay on the couch. Eventually the time spent without her "yellow" and "pink" was too painful and she got dressed without any struggle.

I claim no intelligence on my part because lately I've just been praying so hard to be able to find some way to deal with her so I don't spend my whole day frustrated and she doesn't spend it all in her crib. I also don't expect this to last very long, but I'm taking full advantage of it while I can.

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