30 November 2006

Stupid computers

Sometimes I really despise computers. Don't get me wrong, most of the times I think they are one of the greatest inventions but it seems the times they act up negates all the benefits it normally has.

Yesterday my mom was over and found out we had a song on iTunes that she had been looking for. So I got out the blank CDs and she picked a few more songs from that artist she wanted and I clicked the "Burn disk" button.

"Please enter a blank CD." Umm, yeah did that already. So after a number of times--Rachel got some fun toys to play with--restarting iTunes and the computer, it still didn't work. So we gave up. I just thought the computer was having a bad afternoon or something and would be back to normal later that evening.

No dice. I tried to burn a CD again and no luck. I just uploaded a CD on this computer last week so I know it was working recently. So on the phone to HP I went. Let me tell you this computer is just about a year and a half old so it hasn't had much wear. So back to the phone call...After being hung up on once and getting stuck in the phone tree, I finally made it to a person. I told him my issue and the guy says my warranty is expired. I already knew that but was hoping for some help anyway. He tells me he can help me for $45 for two weeks or $99 for another year warranty. Yeah, no thanks. Then I remember something the operator said before I was connected. I can chat on-line or email my problem. So I ask him if those cost. No. Umm, okay I'll choose to not pay. Thanks anyway I tell him and hang up.

So after successfully loading their chat program and waiting for someone to respond, I decided to open another internet window. Bad choice. The chat window closed out. So I did it again and started a conversation with Rico V. (sweet name) He was helping me trouble shoot the problem but nothing was working. One particular point in the conversation he was taking a seemingly long time to give me more instructions so I decided to check my email. Bad choice #2. Apparently HP has a monopoly on the active window. If you can't wait for our reps to get back to you, them we will terminate your chat session.

Ahh!! 30 minutes of chat details down the drain! Luckily they have a record of your sessions so the next girl could pick up where I left off with Rico V.

So after 5 minutes of me staring at the green bars load over and over as it refreshes at the bottom of the window while she gets up to speed, she finally gives me some instructions. Delete the driver, restart the computer and follow some more steps.

Well nothing worked. Something I'm supposed to download is not working properly. Plus I have to burn the disc, but hello, that is why I'm calling! My drive doesn't work! I tried to fix it for an hour last night and still no luck.

So today I got back on the chat program for some more help. This guy took like 20 minutes to get up to speed on the chat transcripts from last night. I was afraid to open any windows for fear I would lose him that I just sat at the computer staring at the chat window waiting for him to respond. Eventually we got the program burned on to a CD on our laptop but the desktop couldn't read the CD.

His conclusion after another hour: buy a new drive. After almost 2 hours of troubleshooting and that's all I get?? Um, I'm sorry ma'am, but your drive is malfunctioning. Have a nice day!

Thank you very much...It's a good thing they are only $30 bucks.

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Shawn Dowler said...

Perfect time for a new DVD burner! Oh YEAH!

I understand your frustration, though. Even though my wife doesn't like it most of the time, I always have two or three extra everything for the computer so I can test if the problem is hardware or software. It's great when you can get free help though... even if the help takes forever, at least it's free (if your time is worth nothing).