02 January 2007

Year In Review

Here's my year in review. Looking forward to another exciting year! Happy New Year everyone!

January: I haven't been posting much lately. I've been going to bed at 9 pm and getting up at 5:30 to work, so I'm a little tired. Plus all the time that Rachel is asleep I am working instead of doing things on the computer like I used to. Anyway, a funny thing happened today that I wanted to write down. Here it goes...

February: I just realized that it's been 11 days since my last post. I guess I just haven't had anything important to say. I have this neighbor downstairs who is going through some rough times. I want to give her a Book of Mormon so a week ago I sat down and started to write my testimony to her and was going to post it here, but I just couldn't finish it. She is Russian and the Book of Mormon is in Russian so I have to give it to her. So that's why there hasn't been a post. I keep thinking I'll finish what I want to say, but never make the time.

March: Below is a letter that I attached inside a Book of Mormon that I will give to my neighbors down stairs tomorrow. They speak Russian and are from Azerbaijan so I gave them a Book of Mormon in Russian. I'll let you know how it goes...

April: Conference this morning (Saturday session) was one of the best sessions I think I have ever watched. Spencer and I watched it on BYU-TV on our computer--I love the internet!--and thankfully Rachel was sleeping so I really could listen! I loved what Elder Hales said about choosing. Our choices are truly the only things we have. "Choose to act in faith in obedience. Choose to accept that you are a child of God, that he loves you and has the power to help you. Chose to use your agency to do his will."

May: Life is interesting how it plays out. The last couple years has been a whirlwind of action for my family. In 2002 me and my sister graduated from single life and got married. My brother was in a terrible accident but thankfully recovered. He left on his mission early in 2003. He has since returned and found his eternal companion. In 2004 two grandchildren were been born and last year had their first birthdays.

June: I found the greatest thing on the internet the other night. Hours and hours of endless viewing enjoyment of the hit 80's TV show the "Wonder Years." Yes you heard me right. The "Wonder Years."

July: I love this country. When we sang all three verses of the Star Spangled Banner in church on Sunday I was in full tears by the end. This country has not risen to what it is without sacrifice, without honor and without God. I cannot help but think of all the men and women who sacrificed everything they had--even their lives in some cases--to bring about the freedom we take for granted. This country would not be what it is today without their courage. So I thank them. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

August: In a shipyard in New Orleans, survivors of one disaster are building a monument to another.
In a city still emerging from the floods of Hurricane Katrina, a ship has begun to rise from the ashes of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Bringing together America’s two great calamities of the 21st century, the USS New York is being built in New Orleans with 24 tons of steel taken from the collapsed World Trade Centre.

September: Labor day has come and gone and with it marks a change. Kids go back to school, the summer is over and the weather starts to change. Life is different for everyone....including me. A lot has been happening in the "J" household recently. Because of all the busy-ness around here I have not been blogging as much as my 6 daily visitors demand. For that I apologize, but I have good reasons for neglecting the blog. Here's my short list:

October: Yesterday I woke up early in the morning. I don't know why I couldn't sleep, I was up super late the night before. Spencer got out of bed at 6 to take a shower and I just laid there thinking. I started thinking about sleeping and how I was always so tired in High School. Between sports, homework and Seminary how is an LDS kid ever supposed to sleep during the week? Thinking about sports brought me to the time when I was a sophomore.

November: Life is interesting. As soon as I think I've got my life figured out I get thrown a curve ball. I can't say that things are bad right now, just a little frustrating. Also I hesitate to complain because life really has been happy for me for a long time. Rachel is turning two next month and so a few months ago Spencer and I decided it was time to try to start making another baby.

December: Happy Birthday Rachel! I can't believe it's been 2 years since you joined our family. We are looking forward to many more birthdays with you. We love you very much!


Julie P said...

Jamie! I need your e-mail for the fhe swap e-mail I'm about to send out...rarelyhomemom@gmail.com (it will come from my "real" e-mail address, but I don't want to post my full name.) :)

Lisa M. said...

I have enjoyed these years in review.

They are just neat.