18 January 2007

You mock my pain!

So today Rachel and I were in Costco getting this year's copy of Turbo Tax so we can get our sweet refund, Yay! and I was browsing through the clothes section. Now it's winter, I understand that, but I also live in San Diego where winter doesn't really happen. This year it is happening. It is dang cold here! Now granted it's no where near as cold as other places--we don't have snow or major ice storms knocking out our power--but it's cold for me!

So I bundled up as I can be in my jeans and t-shirt since I don't own a coat and headed out the door. In Costco I have the shivers as I'm walking by the clothes. I was browsing for maybe a nice warm hoodie or another cute long sleeve shirt, but they don't have those. No, instead of nice winter clothes, they have already brought out the bathing suits, t-shirts and shorts! Why do you mock my pain! I am freezing and do not want to be reminded that it should be warm! I should be able to wear my capris and an long sleeve shirt without getting goosebumps all over my body.

Okay, I know I can't complain because other people are buried under inches of snow, but I don't want to be mocked openly by warm weather clothes. For heaven's sake people, it's only January! I am tired of having to buy summer stuff in January because by the time May comes around all the fall and winter stuff is on sale. Can we get our seasons right? (I had to buy my beach umbrella last week at Costco because last year in May they had none left...no one had any left).

My point to this rant is it's winter. Can we get some semblance of winter in the stores instead of making us all depressed that summer isn't here yet?

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