27 February 2007

Ahh, Apartment Living

So the other day in the afternoon we got this note on our door:
If you can't read it it says, "You guys are way to loud all the time can you PLEASE stop walking so hard and talking so loud or we'll have to go to the manager about it Thank You!"

No we don't have proof, but we are pretty sure that this was written by the 12 year old girl who lives below us who we have dubbed the "banshee." If we are correct this note is coming from the girl who screams at all hours of the day for half and hour or more. Her and her mother and brothers have these yelling matches I'm only assuming to see who can scream the loudest. The girl wins though. Her favorite thing to say, no scream is, "MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!"

To be fair Rachel isn't the quietest kid, but I do my best. It's really funny because the day we got this letter, Rachel had taken an early nap from 11-1:30. Then we went to the park for an hour or so. After that we ran some errands returning home around 4. I had to stop at the leasing office for something and this girl was playing at the park for a while. Around 4:30 we got back up to our apartment and the note appeared somewhere between then and 5:45 when Spencer got home and found it on the door. So she's upset about an hour of time when I was playing with Rachel compared to all the many hours we have listened to her scream and slam doors. Doesn't sound completely even if you ask me.

Now we have gone to the manager a few times only because the screaming fits occur at horrible hours in the morning or night. Our first experience with her screaming happened a few months ago. With what we have endured over the last few months I really wish I had sent that first letter. I've even had to call the police because I didn't know if she was getting beat up by her brothers one day and I wasn't about to find out myself! At first I was just angry about her disrupting my sleep or waking Rachel up, but now I seriously think this girl needs professional help. She has some serious mental issues to be screaming and having the fits she does. I just hope that she can get the help she needs or she is going to have a rough life.

Oh how I yearn for the day when we live in a house where there's at least 10 feet between neighbors on all sides. Ahhh, apartment life...


Sarah said...

Argh! I hate hate hate stuff like this. I'm the apartment manager in our building and we have a few tenants who think that they deserve to live in a "sound free" space. I'm sorry, but if you live in an apartment, footsteps, voices and other normal household sounds coming through the walls are part of the package. Yelling and screaming in the middle of the night, however, is just plain evil. You were right to call the police. I'd make sure to call them and alert your manager every time. The girl will probably get a couple of warnings and hopefully they will be scared into silence after a while. But from the sound of her mental state, it could be a while.

Good luck!

Melissa said...

I remember when we were living in a row of townhouses. We were trying to teach our oldest to go to sleep on his own. There was a lot of screaming and crying. We tried to keep it to a minimum, but usually there was no calming him once he got going. One day I say my next door neighbor and she looked like she wanted to say something... but just couldn't... then she blurted out "Is Red okay?? We can hear him screaming every night... is something wrong?" You could tell it took every ounce of courage to ask me. After all, we may have been beating the kid - she didn't know! I explained what was going on and she was very understanding. Maybe you guys need to have a jump rope contest in your home. Might be fun :D

Jamie J said...

Sarah, we have told the manager a few times. After the second report, she seemed to calm down for a while, but now it's screaming almost every day. I'm pretty sure nothings going to change for a while.

Melissa, That is too funny about the crying baby. I always wondered what my neighbors (where we used to live) thought when they heard our Rachel cry. No one ever said anything to us though--thank heavens!! Maybe we DO need to have a jump rope contest. Then maybe they'd think twice about having their huge family fights at all hours of the day and night and involving us all!

scribbit said...

Oh I feel for you. I remember things like that all those years we were in an apartment. The best was when we got a call from our manager because an old lady next door had been complaining about our new baby crying at night. It cracked me up--I mean I know normally everyone loves a good wail keeping them from sleep and we really couldn't get enough of our son's croupish crabbiness, so we were disappointed to hear that it was displeasing to someone. I mean we were so loving it, why weren't they? We were really interested in getting a suggestion about how to solve the problem but none came. Eventually he grew out of it and stopped screaming at night which was pretty disappointing because we wished that phase could have lasted forever. If for no other reason than to annoy our rotten neighbor. :)

Okay I'm no usually so full of sarcasm, but really what did she expect us to do about it? Sell the baby?