19 February 2007

I made this!

So yesterday I was paging throught the Kraft magazine trying-trying is the operative word here-to organize my recipe book. I came across this picture of a cake that was a pool. I showed it to Spencer and he was super excited and asked me to make that for today when his parents came over for dinner. I told him I was planning on making cheesecake, and that is when he revealed to me he doesn't really like cheesecake.

So I made the pool cake and I have to say it came out pretty cool! And the thing was, it wasn't that difficult. Who knew? All my life for my birthdays we just had boring sheet cakes with frosting and candles cuz my mom would not make the time. I never got cutsie decorated cakes and I've always thought they were too hard. But, I have this friend who is super artsy and does fancy cakes for her kids every year. Well she got me motivated to try a theme cake for Rachel next year and now I'm totally pumped! I realize I can do this! What out birthdays cuz the fun cake decorating mom is coming through!


scribbit said...

That's a cute design. We just had a birthday here and the request was a swimming pool cake. I hadn't had a place to post about it yet . . . I really should be more organized.

Lianna said...

Very clever jamie! looks like those bears are having a blast.

Island Queen said...

That is so cute!!

I totally know what you mean - I never thought I could do really cute designer cakes - but hello!?! Most of them are pretty easy!!

Thanks for the inspiration :-)