22 February 2007

A New Era

A new era has begun in the "J" household. We as a family are entering into a new dimension. The dimension of cable TV.

For the 4 1/2 years Spencer and I have been married we have never had TV. When we were first married we couldn't afford it so we went without. As time went by and each time we moved we reconsidered hooking it up. Every time we decided against it again but now for a different reason than not being able to afford it. We went from not getting it because we didn't want to pay for it to not getting it because it's a time waster.

Spencer and I both have one similar personality trait: we get addicted easily. We knew that if we had TV to watch whenever we wanted we would watch it whenever we wanted. We did not want to get in that trap. With Spencer in school and a new baby we didn't want to be sitting in front of the TV all day. As it is I am completely addicted to the computer already.

Shortly after breakfast or if I'm resisting well that day--after my shower--the computer comes on. I check my email, the daily news, my comics and of course my favorite blogs. This wouldn't be so bad if I only did it first thing in the morning and shut the computer off. No, the same routine (except or the comics since they only change once a day) happens multiple times a day. I check my email obsessively. I will look at it, then close it to do something else, but then before I walk away from the computer I open the dang thing again! Like some earth shattering email is going to come in matter of 2 minutes--never mind that I don't even get earth shattering emails ever. I hardly ever get any emails for that matter.

So by this point I know you're asking "Why are they feeding the fire then?" One show, two words ladies (and gentlemen): AMERICAN IDOL.

Spencer and I LOVE this show. We started watching it when I found out I was pregnant with Rachel. We would go to my parents house every Tuesday night. I even told my parents I was pregnant during and episode of American Idol. The next year we took Rachel to my parent's house each week with us. That was such a great year with Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood.

Then last year we couldn't go to my parents. We almost considered getting cable for the show but at the last minute one of my friends said they taped it each week anyway and we could borrow the tape if we wanted. Hooray! Saved! I am so glad we were able to see that season with Chris Daughtry (who's album I bought by the way) and Mandisa. After last year we knew we couldn't miss this season.

We moved so it wouldn't be feasible to have our friends tape it for us again (although it's funny, because they came over to watch it with us last night). Plus it's too hard on Rachel to drag her to my mom's each week, put her to bed in her port-a-crib--that she can now climb out of--wake her up and take her home just for an hour of TV.

So we entertained the idea of hooking the cable up for American Idol. I wanted it more than Spencer and so I did a little research. Online they don't even give you the option of ordering just "Limited Cable" so I had to call them. With the intention of just getting information and pricing I ended up setting an appointment for Tuesday for the guy to come set it up. It's only $13 something each month for 22 channels so I figured it was worth it.

So far we have only watched Tuesday and Wednesday's American Idol shows so the self-control is holding up just fine. Let's hope we can keep it up so that we don't get sucked in to the TV watching obsession.

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