10 March 2007

Amish Memories

Is is coveting when you are going to get something you love that someone else has? Julie over at Rarely Home Mom posted pictures a few days ago of the most beautiful nativity scene I have ever seen. She showed us a couple of the pieces she had around Christmas and I instantly fell in love. Now she has the whole set and I have set a goal for myself to be to owner of this same set within the next few years.

I have always loved the Amish people. When I was a kid my mom would make Amish quilts with big solid color blocks in the most simple, yet elegantly beautiful designs. She talked about the time she went to visit them and described their simple way of life. From her trip to Pennsylvania she brought me back a set of books about Amish girls and I devoured them. I was looking all over the internet for those books the other night but to no avail.

A couple years later we went on a family vacation back east. We went to Washington D.C. Virginia and Pennsylvania. One place we stayed in Pennsylvania was right outside Lancanster in a bed and breakfast next to an Amish farm. One morning we got up early, went outside and saw the family working in their yard. So we went out and started talking to them. My dad is the kind of guy that can make friends with anyone, anywhere so not before long my dad was on his knees weeding the garden with them and the rest of us were working their yard with them. Then in the afternoon we played softball together. They even took my little brother in their house, which I hear is very rare.

Two families just connected that day. We weren’t an Amish family and a Mormon family. We were just people. Sometimes I think there is such a divide between the Amish and the rest of society—and maybe they like it better that way—but that day there was no divide. We saw the Amish as they really are instead of just a strange people from a distance. I just had such a wonderful time there. It will always be one of my fondest family memories. I can't wait to get the Amish Nativity so that I can always remember the way I felt there in Lancaster county and share the story with my children.


Julie P said...

I'm so glad you posted this story - what an incredible memory to have. I love reading about your experience!

Melissa said...

What a great memory!! And I love the nativity! Such a unique set! I hope you are able to get one!

Jamie J said...

Julie, it's funny cuz on Saturday after I emailed you I started writing this to enter into Scribbits write off contest but unfortunately didn't get it done until today...oh well.

Sarah said...

What's not to love about the Amish? It's interesting to me how generally respected their religion is even though they are so different from the rest of our culture. I wonder why Mormons don't garner the same respect with our differences? I guess our quilts just aren't up to par.

Whether or not you get the nativity (and I hope you do) at least you have this post written to keep it in your memory for your children. Blogs are the best!

Sarah said...

I hope you don't mind, but I've linked you up to my blog. Let me know if people will be coming to kill me and I'll take the link down.