23 March 2007

I've done it again

I got yet another new template for my blog. I think I must be on number 5 or something....The previous one I had, I really liked except for how narrow it was. I hate having so much empty space on either side of my posts. "If there is space there--use it!" I want to scream at the blog template designers. I guess I shouldn't be too picky because I'm not the one out there designing them, but I wonder, do these people actually have a blog? Do they not realize the functionality and space that they are wasting?

Anyway, so I've been sick the last two days and have watched more TV than I have in the last 4 1/2 years of my life. After Rachel went to bed last night we turned on Ugly Betty--I love that show--and then Grey's Anatomy--which incidentally we decided we wouln't watch anymore. It's a great show and all, but--Spencer actually brought it up--it just has too much sex in it. I've had the thoughts that we shouldn't watch it, but just shoved them down because I like the entertainment value of it. So after the TV being on all day and me vegging out in front of it, I needed something else to do while I was watching. I already had my relaxing hours in front of the TV, I didn't need to be a slug anymore. So I decided I would spend most of the two hours in front of the TV with the laptop searching for a new template.

When I got to page 13 of the Google search I thought I had seen enough boring or way too crazy templates, but still not the right one for me. Plus, I had made it to page 13...how much more could I find? Well a couple pages later I stumbled upon this site. I really liked te style of the designer and tried this one on for size before settling on my current design. The first on had a few too many swirlies of pink in it. I love the clean, crispness of it, the boxes on the side and the fact that it takes up most of the screen. Finally! I'm hoping to stay with this one for a long time!

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Melissa said...

I do love your new blog template! I actually went and checked out the website yesterday from the link in your sidebar. I'm half tempted to use it too :)