02 March 2007

A Routine is a Routine

I have a very specific routine that I follow every day in the shower. When I first get in I rinse off my whole body. Then I shampoo and rinse my hair. Next I wash and rinse my face. Then I wash (and shave if needed) my body. Lastly, I condition and rinse my hair.

Well the last few days I've noticed my face is a little more oily than it has been before and it seemed like I was transferring some of that to my hair after I washed it. So today I decided to try an experiment. I was going to wash my face first to get all the oil off it and then go on with the rest of my shower routine.

So that's what I did. Now today I was not very focused on my shower; I was merely just going through the motions and making sure I was clean. When I got out I combed my hair and got dressed. After a little while, I went back in the bathroom to dry my hair with the blow dryer. As I was drying my hair I noticed it looked really oily. I thought that was weird and maybe it was just because I had put my moisturizer on my face a few minutes before. So I just kept on drying. But the more I dried, the worse my hair looked!

I thought that maybe I had mistaken the conditioner bottle for shampoo and not realized it, but I usually do. I've done it before, but when there are no suds on my hands I quickly notice and use shampoo instead. I finally realized that my hair looked too bad and that it needed to be rewashed. So on my knees I leaned over the edge of the tub and stuck my hair under the faucet. In this position a realization came to me.

I forgot to wash my hair.

I have such a strict routine that because I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing while I was showering, I totally skipped the shampoo step. I already washed my face, so naturally I must have washed my hair first!

Well, I finished washing and conditioning my hair doubled over in the bathtub and went on with my day. I realized long ago that I have a routine in the shower, but I guess I need to make sure I pay more attention to what I'm doing or at least be more flexible!

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