21 March 2007

What's been going on...

I just realized that it's been 11 days since my last post. I've been posting to my bread blog the last few days--and actually have two more posts to put up there--so I've been neglecting this one. Life seems to be getting away from me. I feel like there isn't enough time in the day to do everything like working, playing and blogging. I guess cleaning should be in there too. :) Last week Rachel and I were gone Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning because it was so beautiful outside. Thursday and Friday we stayed home and just took it easy. I had had enough running around.

On Wednesday we got the Once Upon a Potty DVD from the library so on Thursday I decided to see what Rachel could do in the way of the potty. We spent most of the morning watching TV or movies so that she would stay sitting on the potty. She did and liked it too which I was surprised about! Up until then every time I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty the answer was always a very firm, "NO." She actually peed twice too, but then later had an accident with her pants on. I think she forgot she wasn't wearing a diaper. So we haven't really tried much since then. Her interest has definitely peaked though. Today I was talking to my sister and out comes Rachel from her bedroom with no pants on. I was shocked to see her without a diaper and followed her to her bedroom. Well it appeared she had taken her diaper off after she pooped and tried to sit on the potty. Luckily she didn't try to sit anywhere else or--heaven forbid--play with her poop. So she's getting the idea.

The other thing that's going on lately--and I've been stressing about--is my Sunbeam class. Me and the other girl who team teach have absoluletly no contol over these kids. They are running me ragged. Luckily Rachel was sick and couldn't go to Nursery and it wasn't my turn to teach so I just stayed home with her. I needed that break. I cried and prayed a lot on Sunday afternoon. I just struggle so much with trying to reign them in at least to look at me. If they aren't jumping off the chairs they are running circles around the room. This is seriously the most challenging calling I have ever had. Sunday evening I was driving to a fireside with a friend and she had a great suggestion to at least get them to pay attention for some of the time. She said to get Red Vines and put one up on a board for each kid--we have 6. Each time they don't listen or do something bad--we have a couple really naughty kids--they get a snip on the licorice. I thought that was an answer to a fervent prayer that I have had for a bit, so today I went to Costco and got the giant pack of Red Vines. We'll see how it works this Sunday.

The last thing that has been occupying much of my time is my quilt. I finally finished the top today--and I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

So I have to figure out what I want to border it with. I don't think I have enough in the scrap box so I have to go buy something. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a one inch solid lighter border, then a 2 1/2 inch red one then a lighter one again to finish it off. I am actually pleasantly surprised with what I've done. As I'm sewing and the seams are off I kept thinking to myself, this is going to look horrible, it's so not going to be straight, but when it was all pieced together, it turned out okay. Even the edges are lined up. I even told my self that this would be the last quilt I would probably make because I just am not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing. If a seam is off a little, I just don't worry too much. I guess I picked a good error-proof pattern.

So that's what's been going on. Tomorrow I'm watching two little girls in the morning. Their mom is on major bedrest pregnant with their 6th kid. They are really good girls so it should be fun!


Lammy said...

beautiful job!!!
I am a beginner and appreciate everyone who even attempts a quilt. Also--I've realized that no one really cares if you're off a smidge. So enjoy your masterpiece!

Melissa said...

Love love love the quilt!!! Fantastic job! My mom wants a quilt with greens in it. Maybe this would be a good way to do it. Just use lots and lots of different green colors for the tips. Very cool :)