28 April 2007

I got new clothes!

Norstrom Rack is my new favorite store. I always hear of people who get amazing deals on clothes but that is never me. Usually I spend hours walking around these discount stores with nothing to show for it except a tired toddler and resolution never to go shopping again....until today!

I left the house about 10:15 with the intention of donating blood. I enjoy donating blood but due to many different issues I haven't been able to for a couple years. I heard that there was a Stake Blood Drive this morning and I finally qualify again so I headed out. About 10 minutes down the road I realized that they wouldn't take me. I've been sick for about a week and a half and if you have cold symptoms they don't want your blood.

I had planned on doing some shopping this afternoon while Rachel was sleeping, so instead of going home I headed to Norstrom Rack. Without a 2 year old following me around I felt free to take my time and look at anything I wanted. I went in fully expecting to come out empty handed. Especially after looking at the sunglasses rack and finding nothing that looked good for under 50 bucks. So I headed over to the shirts and found a cute striped shirt for $12.50. That sounded good so I grabbed my size off the shelf. What I really need right now are shorts or capris for summer. I have a couple pairs that I've grown out of and that are starting to look their age. So I headed over to the capri rack to see what they had. After a walk around a couple round things I had a few pairs in my hands to go try on. Next I decided to check out the shoes. Nothing looked good until I saw the rack of Reef sandals.

I love Reef shoes. I have been wearing their flip flops for over 10 years and have a really hard time buying anything but them. They are so dang comfortable! The problem is the prices have really gone up in the last few years so 6 months ago they were out of my price range. I had to break down and buy cheap $7 flip flops from Target. They have served me well, but my heart still ached for a pair of Reefs. So I picked out come cute ones that I've been wanting for a while but were too expensive for me before. At Norstrom Rack they are $12 bucks cheaper! They are last year's model, but I don't care. I'm a Reef wearer again!

After trying on my clothes I came out of the dressing room with one shirt, two pairs of capris and my Reefs all for only $56 bucks! One pair of capris was $7 and the other was $9! Hooray! Now I have summer clothes. I walked to my car with a spring in my step and a tune on my lips. I was so excited to have new clothes! It's surprising how happy a couple pairs of new pants and some sweet shoes can make me. I got new clothes!!


Melissa said...

New clothes are so much fun!!! I hit a good sale at Kohls the other day for buy one get one free! SO FUN!! Sounds like you made some major scores! I have never been to Nordstroms Rack... I'm not even sure where one is. I don't think there is one here in the desert. I'm guessing San Diego or LA would be the closest. Maybe I'll have to make a special shopping trip one of these days!

scribbit said...

What a bargain--I love having new clothes and shoes. It's a love pleasure I savor.

Terina said...

it makes you feel good when you get what you want and save money too. i love that feeling. i'm excited when i have a rack closeby again....