26 April 2007

The Perfect Enchilada

I love chicken enchiladas...green chicken enchiladas. Growing up I thought my mom made the best ones. Then when I got older I experimented with her recipe and--if I do say so myself--made it better. Then I learned how to substitute the chicken for black beans from a roommate. Yummy! And then a couple years ago I was given a recipe book from my sister-in-law with yet another chicken enchilada recipe. They are all delicious. I still make all of them. Then this month I got my Everyday Food magazine in the mail. On a side note, if you are looking for good recipes and good recipe ideas you should subscribe to this magazine. It's got great ideas and I've used tons already. (On a second side note, I'm not sure why I subscribe because it seems like most everything you find in the magazine is on-line...oh well)

In this month's issue was another recipe for green chicken enchiladas so of course I had to try it out. Here is my review:
  • For me it took a little long to prepare. I'm used to using canned chicken and just pulling it out of the cupboard. For this recipe I probably could have used canned chicken too, but would have missed out on the roasted garlic. So I had to cook the chicken for half an hour and shred it. Everything else was easy. The assembly was a piece of cake too.
  • It baked for about 45 minutes and I pulled it out when the sauce was bubbly and the cheese was starting to brown, and then it sat on the counter to cool for about 10 minutes. (I'm thinking it could have used another 5 or 10 minutes cooking.) When I tried to serve it, though it all fell apart. You couldn't tell where one tortilla ended and where another started. But that's okay, cuz it was dang good!
  • It was very creamy and saucy and with a bit of sour cream and red salsa on the side was a dis to die for!

So here's another good Chicken Enchilada recipe to add to my collection!


Melissa said...

So are most of the recipes easy to follow? And do they use real ingrediants or do you have to find a local Indian market to find the right type of rice? Or spend half a paycheck to get some special cheese? I looked at a cook book the other day and hadn't heard of HALF the stuff in there... the enchiladas sound yummy :)

Jamie J said...

Melissa, yes the recipes are easy to follow and it's about 1/2 and 1/2 with wierd ingredients. I don't like or make all of the recipes but I enjoy getting new ideas from the magazines. They put a lot of recipes for beef and lamb and some other fancy foods that I don't eat, but may someday...

Melissa said...

I used to cook a lot... but lately I just don't have the desire. Maybe a few new recipes would get me movin again! :)