08 April 2007

Rude Awakening

Picture this...it's 5:30 in the morning and you are peacefully dreaming on soft pillowy clouds. All of a sudden your serene dreamy state is interrupted by loud honking noises! Your eyes shoot awake for you to realize that it's the fire alarm that is going off. (I can't figure out how to spell the onomatopoeia of our fire alarm, but just try to imagine the electrically connected ones. They are LOUD!)

So I jump out of bed and Spencer is right there with me. We quickly look around and make sure it's not our apartment that is on fire. I went first to Rachel's room to make sure she wasn't freaking out but surprisingly she was still sound asleep. So I left her there so I could gather a couple things. I found my slippers and a sweatshirt and then went back in to get Rachel. She felt wet and was wearing not-so-warm jammies, so I quickly changed her diaper and jammies. Spencer grabbed a cellphone and our keys and we headed out the door--of course not forgetting Rachel's blankies.

We sat in the car for a while since our neighbors ironically were smoking on the sidewalk. While sitting there I was thinking about whether or not we would get back into our apartment. I didn't even think to grab any food. I didn't take any water...I did think about it, but my water bottle was empty and I didn't want to take the time to fill it up. We didn't have any diapers for Rachel. What if we had had to stay there for hours? Now I am on the Stake Self Reliance Committee so you would think that I would have been prepared for this, right? Well we do have 72 hour kits, we just didn't grab them. However I'm not sure they would have been of great use to us anyway because it's been a year since I've updated them. (I really need to get on that) Spencer bravely volunteered to go back into the house to get them if it turned out we needed to.

Luckily the Fire Department showed up, they turned the alarms off and by 6:00 am we were back in our warm apartment enjoying Easter morning. What if it had been our apartment that was on fire? We would have totally been unprepared. I'm going to go through all that tomorrow and update the things that need to be updated. Kinda makes you think....

On another note, because we were woken up so early, we gave Rachel her Easter basket, did our egg hunt in the living room and colored eggs all before 7 am! It was such a productive morning! Happy Easter everyone!

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Spencer J said...

Yeah, we had accomplished every activity we had planned so early that 8:30 felt like it was 11:00.