15 April 2007

The Spoken Word

I love to listen to inspirational music on Sundays. When I was growing up we never listened to anything but classical music, hymns, or some broadway showtunes. We have since adopted that tradition for our family. One great way I've discovered of starting my Sunday off on the right tune is the Spoken Word by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

We just recently hooked up our cable but just have the basics so we don't have the BYU-TV channel--but we do have internet. Imagine my excitement about a year ago when I discovered that BYU-TV had an on-demand option on their website. You can watch any of their programming whenever you want it.

Each Sunday morning I get on their website to listen to and watch the Spoken Word. I love hearing the Tabernacle Choir and their beatiful voices sing praises to God throught beautiful music. And the little gems that Lloyd Newell tells always touch my heart. He speaks of kindness or generosity. He speaks of gospel principles that if we all put in practice in our daily lives would make the world a better place.

If you are looking for a good way to start your day--or if you have earlier church, sometime during the day--go to BYU-TV and watch the Spoken Word. It always helps me remember it's Sunday and puts me in the right frame of mind for the day.


Melissa said...

There was a radio station in Idaho that played LDS church music every Sunday morning. It was the only radio we were allowed to listen to and part of the broadcast was the Spoken Word. :) I didn't know it was online... thanks for the heads up!!

Lisa M. said...

I love the spoken word. It makes our Sunday so much better-

I've never listened to it online. That would be an excellent place for me to find my center, when I am feeling lost-

Thank you-

jesse said...

We usually listen to some soul-saving, jesus-hailing gospel music on sunday morning. The kind of music that offends other mormons.