31 May 2007

Blurry Photographic Evidence

Did you guys all see the great footage of the "Nessie" the Lochness Monster? Check this video out. Scientists are saying this is the best video ever!

I'm sorry but that sounds a little like the mysterious bear-holding-a-shark that lives in Strongbadia. :)

I'm not saying Nessie doesn't exist. No, I'm a firm believer in legendary creatures that live in lakes. There's even one in a nearby lake. His name (her name? It's name?) is Hodgee. Last summer I spent hours reading and watching footage of this creature. I totally believe it, but come on, Nessie didn't even get out of the water in this video. It's just a black blob on the surface. Give me some better blurry photographic evidence!

Have we not learned anything?

So last week we were going up the steps of our apartment when I see this lady walking toward Rachel and I. I didn't know her so I smiled courteously and kept walking. She was very determined and approached me with something in her hand. She handed me a business card and said something I can't remember and then walked away.

I looked at the card and the first thing I saw was the words


I'd seen these cards before around but didn't pay much attention to them but since it was in my hands I looked at it closer. On the back it has just a sample of the things that Mangosteen can help with. Let me list some:

Mild Depression
Irritable Bowel Disease
Sleep Disorder

And on and on....

Now I'm not here to tell you how great Mangosteen is for you. In fact I have not tried it and probably never will. The reason why I'm writing this is because this product sounds remarkably like the products that street peddlers used to sell like snake oil. I can just imagine them out on the dirt roads claiming this one product will cure any ailment you have. Have we not learned anything?

Now instead of street peddlers we have street business card passer outers. Check out this miracle product and buy it from me because I had to buy it so that I could try to sell it! I do not believe that there is one product that you can take and it will magically make all your aches and pains go away. I do believe that different foods have necessary vitamins and minerals and that is why we need to eat a balanced diet. I am not one to spend $35 to be a member and then pay $100 bucks for 4 bottles of this cure-all so that I can "try" to sell them. Sounds like another try to get rich quick scheme to me.

26 May 2007

Great Article: Chastity or Not

I wanted to make sure you all see this great article I found on Fox News today about chastity. It's a little long, but well worth the read.

I vote chastity.

23 May 2007

Jack Sparrow or Jesus??

A couple days ago I was at the grocery store and they had Raisin Bran for buy one get one free, so of course I picked some up. Today Rachel decided she wanted Raisin Bran for lunch and I wasn't in the mood to stick my foot down on pb&j, so I let her.

As I was eating my leftover chili and cornbread Rachel was singing her new favorite song "Gonna have a good time tonight! Gonna have a good time tonight!" Then all of a suddene she stops, points to the cereal box and yells, "Jesus, Mama!" I chuckled to myself as I glanced at the box and saw, no, not Jesus, but Captain Jack Sparrow.

I lovingly explained that no, it wasn't a picture of Jesus on a cereal box--although that would be interesting--it was the pirate Jack Sparrow. She would not have it. She adamantly replied that it was in fact Jesus. It's no use arguing with a 2 year old so I let her have this one. My time will come....

New Word

I learned a new word today: callipygian.

Say it with me: kal-uh-pij-ee-uhn

Anyone want to take a stab at what it means?
(just highlight the next little section to find out)

Okay here is its: "having well-shaped buttocks or having beautifully proportioned buttocks."

Also "callipygian: "of, pertaining to, or having beautiful buttocks," 1800, from Gk. kallipygos, name of a statue of Aphrodite, from kalli-, combining form of kallos "beauty" + pyge "rump, buttocks."

Gotta love the Greeks and their wonderfully crafted words. Now your homework is to use this word in your conversation tomorrow and tell me how it goes! :)

22 May 2007

The Innocent Man

I just finished this book on Sunday. Wow. All I can say is wow. I can't believe that so much happened to this man after it was so blatant that he did not commit the crime. I still believe in the death penalty and that people should pay for their crimes, but we are all at the mercy of people.

It makes me intensly grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who will be the perfect judge of our earthly experience and especially grateful for the perfect "attorney" in Jesus Christ.

One thing that I really liked about this book though was Ron's fight for himself. He didn't just wallow in his self-misery and stop fighting. He fought for his freedom and his rights till the end. This is more than just a story about injustice to men. It is about personal strength. Strength to go on in the midst of horrible circumstances. Strength to keep fighting for what you know is right.

14 May 2007

5 Things Meme

Here are a bunch of things you probably don't care to know about me, but it's fun doing it anyway!

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) CuriosityKiller
2) Doggy Mama
3) Eve
4) Melissa
5) Jamie J

Now I'm supposed to tag people, but I hate doing that so consider youself tagged if you are reading this and want to do it.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
1997...I had just finished my first year of college and moved back home for the summer. I was living with my grandma just cuz it was closer to school and my friends for the semester. That summer I taught swimming lessons again. Then in the fall I started school and working at Office Depot

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Last year I was in a different apartment with a 15 month old baby. Probably spending lots of time at the park whild Spencer was at school. I can't think of anything super specific.

Five snacks you enjoy:

  • Licorice
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Carrots
  • Fruit
Five songs that you know all the lyrics:

Uh, a lot. I'm not going to try to think about them right now though. :)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  • Put money away for retirement
  • Buy a home
  • Travel...I want to go to Europe
  • Buy much needed things for our new home
  • Give it away

Five bad habits:

  • Spending too much time on the computer
  • Doing the laundry then leaving it in the basket for days without folding it.
  • Leaving my clothes on the floor because I only wore them once and don't want to hang them up because they aren't clean but don't want to put them in the laundry cuz they aren't dirty (mostly my pants. I usually wear those twice)
  • Leaving my wet towel on the bed after my shower. Spencer hates that
  • Rinsing the dishes and putting them in the sink instead of in the dishwasher. I mean how hard is it to do that last step?? Oh but mostly I'll just leave the dishes--especially breakfast--on the kitchen table until lunch...

Five things you like doing:

  • Reading blogs and blogging myself
  • Reading books
  • Watching movies
  • Watching Rachel play with her friends at the park or the pool
  • Spending time with Spencer

Five things you would never wear again:

  • Giant bows in my hair
  • Zipper-legged jeans
  • Baggy flannel shirts
  • Blue eye shadow
  • My hair in a tight perm

Five favorite toys:

  • Digital camera and video camera
  • My computer
  • My cell phone
  • Rachel's belly...that's a fun toy isn't it? It makes fun noises when you blow on it :)
  • I can't think of another one...

Let me know if you've done this so I can visit your blog and read it!

I thought she was big then...

This is Rachel in October 2005 at the age of 10 months:

This is her today at 2 years 5 months:

We loaned our bouncy seat to a friend and just got it back yesterday so of course Rachel had to try out the vibration on it. She watched Charlotte's Web the whole way through like that.

12 May 2007

Why are my cookies flat?

I need all you bakers out there to provide me with your expertise. What is happening here??

The last two batches of cookies I have made have come out like this. First it was chocolate chip cookies and now oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Today I used the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook.
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup butter or stick margarine, softened
1/2 cup shortening
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
3 cups quick-cooking or old-fashioned oats
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup milk chocolate chips

1. Heat oven to 375
2. Beat all ingredients except oats, flour and raisins in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed, or mix with spoon. Stir in oats, flour and chocolate.
2. Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls about 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheet.
Pretty basic recipe. I should say I've had pretty good luck baking cookies in the past. They always come out just fine so this is just baffling me.

The only thing I can think of is maybe I've over mixed the dough? I used my KitchenAid the last two times also. When you make cookies do you mix them by hand or with a mixer? Does over mixing the butter make them go flat??

I should also say I Hate (with a capital H) my oven! It is a gas oven with a turn dial so I don't really know the real temperature. I turned the oven down for the second batch and they looked at first like they weren't going to fall, but then did right at the end too. Also it cooks really unevenly too. My cookies--before they turn flat--are already super brown near the front of the oven, but barely done at the back.

Any ideas?? I have the dough in the fridge right now so I'm going to try another batch with the chilled dough so we'll see what happens.

11 May 2007

With Character Kids

I found the coolest site today for baby products. It's called With Character Kids. They have all kinds of stuff like bedding, diaper bags, and decorations for your kid's room. Of course they have all the kids favorite characters like Thomas the Train, Backyardigans, Dora and also a couple classics like Carter's and Eddie Bauer. You know, they even have a couple Family Guy pillows too for your husband, the true kid at heart. Maybe I'm the last one to know about this but they also sell things called pillow pods. Just plug in your iPod or mp3 player to the pillow and you can listen to tunes while you rest your head on comfort! Sounds pretty cool to me!

What to hear something else that's cool? They are going to give me this sweet bedding set for free. Not that I have need of new baby room decor right now, but either I can keep it for the next kid or give it away to one of the many people around me that are pregnant and due shortly. I like this one because it pretty much can be used for either a baby girl or baby boy. When I was pregnant with Rachel I got adventurous and made a crib bumper and skirt for her out of red hawaiian fabric but this set looks way better!

On second thought I think I'll keep it for myself. I guess I have to go have another baby soon!

09 May 2007

Summer Fruit!

The other day I got in the mail those newspaper-like grocery store mailers. Usually I just glance at them and then throw them away. I'm going to shop at certain stores anyway...doesn't matter what their sales are. But this week, I kept them. When I got them home I noticed all the yummy summer fruits they are advertising. I love summer because of the fruit that comes out! Strawberries, peaches, apricots, cherries--oh I love cherries!, grapefruits, watermelons! Oh I could go on and on! Such a variety! Bring on summer and bring on the yummy fruit!

What's your favorite part of summer?

08 May 2007

Life of Pi

What an amazing story. I loved this book!This is a story about true survival. It was a bit difficult to read in some parts due to some of the content, but the story is just spectacular. I totally recommend it.

03 May 2007


This is us:

And this is someone else:

All I can say is imitation is the best form of flattery.

01 May 2007


I do my best thinking when I'm busy, busy doing something I don't have to think about. I'd been sitting at the computer for a bit a while ago thinking of how I was going to say what I wanted to say. Nothing was coming. So I got up and decided to do something around the house for a change. I got my rubber gloves, Softscrub, some paper towels and Windex and headed to the bathrooms. As soon as I got on my hands and knees and started scrubbing our shower the thoughts start pouring in. I cleaned two bathrooms while essentially writing this post in my head. Now the hard part is getting all those thoughts on the screen.

Some of you may know that Spencer and I are trying to add to our family of three. It has proven a difficult path...not as difficult as some, but nonetheless trying for us. After a few months of paying close attention to how my body works, I have finally found a problem. Today I went to the health food store and bought a couple things that are supposed to work for this problem. Hopefully they do.

Having this experience has taught me a lot about myself and people. We live in a very baby and pregnant populous ward. It has been hard for me to see woman after woman either announce their pregnancy or have their baby. I am genuinely happy about some of them because they are my friends, but sometimes it just gets to me. A couple weeks ago we had a book club where we were discussing a thesis written by a friend of member of our club. She had struggled for years to try to have a child and wrote stories about her experiences. A comment was made that those women who have trouble with this should not be bitter, they should realize that every baby is a blessing and we should be happy for those who can bring them into this world. Unbeknownst to her (I'm hoping) there were at least three of us who were going through things similar to this woman. Feelings were hurt and tempers were ignited. It was a very uncomfortable situation. I should mention that this girl is pregnant with her third child.

I've thought a lot about this since we last met. I realize that it's not feasible to tip-toe around everyone in hopes of not hurting anyone's feelings but somewhere a line must be drawn. I've realized that fertility problems are just one thing that people go through. There are so many other--usually--less noticeable problems that people struggle with. When someone opens up and tells you something they are struggling with, the last thing they want is advice on how they should feel.

I realize feeling happy for other people who have what you want is the ultimate in being Christlike, but I don't think that we will be punished necessarily for having these thoughts unless they consume us and we become bitter and hateful. I think that if Christ was here with me and I expressed feelings about a struggle that I was going through, he wouldn't tell me how to feel. Instead, I imagine him putting his arms around me and telling me that he understands how I feel. He would let me cry it out and maybe even be mad for a while. Then he would tell me that he will always be there to help me through the trial. He would say "I will make your burdens light. Lean on me for strength and we can make it through together."

We all have struggles that we go through. The beauty of it is, that Christ can be here with us. He may not be able to reach out and hug us physically but we can feel the embracing power of his love through the gift of the Holy Ghost. We can be encircled about with the arms of his love. (2Ne 1:15)

I still want another child to add to our family, but knowing that Christ can be there with me every step of the way to lift me up and comfort me when I fall is a great blessing.

The best commercial on this week

Last night while watching Heroes (which was super awesome by the way) there was the funniest commerical I've seen in a while. They won't let me embed the vide from YouTube, but here's the link. I love when he says, "I webbed you. That means you get the apartment." Classic.