31 May 2007

Blurry Photographic Evidence

Did you guys all see the great footage of the "Nessie" the Lochness Monster? Check this video out. Scientists are saying this is the best video ever!

I'm sorry but that sounds a little like the mysterious bear-holding-a-shark that lives in Strongbadia. :)

I'm not saying Nessie doesn't exist. No, I'm a firm believer in legendary creatures that live in lakes. There's even one in a nearby lake. His name (her name? It's name?) is Hodgee. Last summer I spent hours reading and watching footage of this creature. I totally believe it, but come on, Nessie didn't even get out of the water in this video. It's just a black blob on the surface. Give me some better blurry photographic evidence!


Cheryl said...

Cool video. Makes me want to believe. :)

Melissa said...

I did see the video of "Nessie" - not sure what I think there... it's something and it's big. But I don't believe it's a prehistoric kind of creature... but then again, I don't know what it is! I think every lake in the world has some sort of "monster" living in it! :D