31 May 2007

Have we not learned anything?

So last week we were going up the steps of our apartment when I see this lady walking toward Rachel and I. I didn't know her so I smiled courteously and kept walking. She was very determined and approached me with something in her hand. She handed me a business card and said something I can't remember and then walked away.

I looked at the card and the first thing I saw was the words


I'd seen these cards before around but didn't pay much attention to them but since it was in my hands I looked at it closer. On the back it has just a sample of the things that Mangosteen can help with. Let me list some:

Mild Depression
Irritable Bowel Disease
Sleep Disorder

And on and on....

Now I'm not here to tell you how great Mangosteen is for you. In fact I have not tried it and probably never will. The reason why I'm writing this is because this product sounds remarkably like the products that street peddlers used to sell like snake oil. I can just imagine them out on the dirt roads claiming this one product will cure any ailment you have. Have we not learned anything?

Now instead of street peddlers we have street business card passer outers. Check out this miracle product and buy it from me because I had to buy it so that I could try to sell it! I do not believe that there is one product that you can take and it will magically make all your aches and pains go away. I do believe that different foods have necessary vitamins and minerals and that is why we need to eat a balanced diet. I am not one to spend $35 to be a member and then pay $100 bucks for 4 bottles of this cure-all so that I can "try" to sell them. Sounds like another try to get rich quick scheme to me.


Melissa said...

Never heard of it... but I agree with you - there are lots of schemes out there trying to make money off of unsuspecting people.

Corrie said...

As a mom of a kiddo with a rare tumor, we do get alot of "info" passed our way.

We happened upon one that has several published medical studies in pubmed and decided to give it a shot. It decreased his nausea significantly and boosted his white blood cell count (two of its reported merits).

Also, the only time his tumor has gotten smaller was right after we started trying it.

We haven't become pushers of the stuff, but we'll keep using it while it still appears to be beneficial.FWIW

In this case, the skeptic in me was converted - but generally, we just try to be healthier

Jamie J said...

Corrie, I'm glad that you find something that worked for your child. I hope that your child continues to get better.