09 May 2007

Summer Fruit!

The other day I got in the mail those newspaper-like grocery store mailers. Usually I just glance at them and then throw them away. I'm going to shop at certain stores anyway...doesn't matter what their sales are. But this week, I kept them. When I got them home I noticed all the yummy summer fruits they are advertising. I love summer because of the fruit that comes out! Strawberries, peaches, apricots, cherries--oh I love cherries!, grapefruits, watermelons! Oh I could go on and on! Such a variety! Bring on summer and bring on the yummy fruit!

What's your favorite part of summer?


Susan M said...

Fruit is definitely up there. Strawberries and blueberries are my favorites.

Living in California, summer doesn't have the same appeal that it used to. It doesn't need to!

Melissa said...

I'm gonna agree with you on the summer fruit! We lived in Eastern Oregon which is watermelon country. I have never had such wonderful watermelon! We could go out to a farm we knew and get melons that had been picked that morning. They were glorious! We rarely, if ever, got a bad one. I bought a melon at Costco last night. I haven't dared to cut into it yet. Maybe this afternoon I will get brave! I'm hoping to go to a Pick-Your-Own cherry orchard this weekend! YUM!!

scribbit said...

Our backyard is fenced and all our neighbors have lilac trees. In the spring when these trees bloom and I walk outside all I can see are lilacs and the smell surrounds me.

The smells of summer are my favorite part.