30 June 2007

The Road--Updated

I finished The Road last week and let me tell you, I just didn't get it. Not my favorite at all. We are discussing it tomorrow night and there are a couple ladies who absolutely loved it, so I'm looking forward to finding out why.

Updated: So book club was great. I loved hearing why only two people loved the book. The general consensus was of dislike, but there were some that liked it, just didn't love it. The book is very depressing, but if you can get past that then there is a beautiful story about the love between a father and his son. Personally I couldn't get past the dreary, dark and depressing setting...but that's just me.

26 June 2007

Quote of the Day

What's a hero? I give you the words of Dwight Schrute:

"Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs and get a distressed call from the commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes."
I love The Office....

21 June 2007


Seriously, I can't remember when I bought this cross stitch, but I'm pretty sure it was right after Spencer and I got married. We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this August. In any case, it may take me a while to finish things, but eventually they get done. Here is the finished product:

I should say it wasn't entirely my fault that it took so long to finish. I ran out of a few colors of embroidery floss, and sent in a request for them probably 2 years ago. I never heard anything. Then last week I was talking to my friend and she suggested to check their website. Duh! So I sent them an email and 2 days later the missing floss was in my mailbox. And a week later, the cross stitch was done. Now if only I had $200 laying around so I could frame this one and another one I've had done for years.

Incidentally I actually like this one better. I finished this one before the one above. It's been sitting in my bag for a while. Anyone want to donate to the "Frame Jamie's Cross Stitches" Fund? Anyone? Any takers?? :)

20 June 2007

We are regressing

Okay so I thought my Rachel-will-not-sleep-in-her-bed posts were all done but I'm afraid now we have officially regressed.

There is a huge gash in the side of the chair that she had such a fond attraction to for the last couple weeks. Apparently Rachel is very superficial, because after she tore said hole in the chair she refused to sleep on it. Yesterday afternoon I was trying to get her to take a nap and she didn't want to sleep in the bed, on the chair or wouldn't fall asleep on the floor either (frankly I'm not surprised about the floor thing, but I had to try something.)

So I offered to pull out the port-a-crib. She was instantly excited! So she took her nap there, laid down to go to sleep there last night, but eventually slept in the chair, took her nap there today and is sleeping there right now.

I have to add too, that since we took out the chair the room would have been way too empty so I put her crib back together. Nope, she still wants nothing to do with that. Oh, well...I'm willing to ride the port-a-crib train as long as she will sleep when we want her to and get a good nights sleep.

I never thought some things would be so difficult.

18 June 2007

Phew, what a week!

Wow, it's been so long since I've blogged. We were so busy last week and I barely had time to do anything. The only reason I am doing this right now is Rachel's occupied watching the Little Mermaid. Anyway, here's a recap of what's been keeping me from lovingly taking care of my blog...

Monday: FHE

Tuesday: Home teachers came over

Wednesday: WEIRD AL Concert! Oh yeah! I wasn't too excited about going at first, but after the concert I would totally recommend seeing Weird Al if he ever comes to your town. He played at the Del Mar Fair--sorry, the San Diego County Fair--and so we just paid to get in and then it was a free show. We had some decent seats too. He was so entertaining! Almost every song he came out in costume and between songs they had clips from "Al TV" on the big screen making fun of celebrities. It was great. The concert lasted 2 hours and had me completely entertained the whole time. So fun!

Thursday: We went to some friend's house for dinner and to play on their Wii. We played Tiger Woods golf and I didn't do to bad, if I do say so myself. My Dad has been golfing for a while and Spencer likes to golf, but I've never really gotten into it. I was really horrible in High School so I didn't want to relive the embarrassment of never hitting the ball or having it piddle off the tee. But after playing the Wii I think I might be okay with hitting some balls at the driving range sometime.

Friday: We had another date--part of our rotating babysitting group. Spencer and I got Mexican food and then went longboard skateboarding in Carlsbad. We stopped and watch this street peddler guy juggle fiery bowling pins and a bowling ball while balancing on a ball. It was pretty impressive. I would have even given him money if we had some. We also ran into some friends who were biking down the coast for their Friday night date.

Saturday: In the morning I went to a baby shower for a friend. Then I hurried home because around 2 we went to Dana Point with my Dad and his wife. Karen's family is always having parties so they decided to do one for one of the son-in-law's birthday. Plus they needed a good excuse to get out the jet skis. Karen's sister has 2 super nice ones that seat three people and if you want can go up to 70 miles an hour! We stuck Rachel in between Spencer and I and took off out into the ocean. She was having fun riding the "water scooter" but didn't want to go too fast.

Oh one other thing that was funny was on the way up there Rachel was dancing and bobbing her head up and down to the music that my dad was playing. I asked her if she was rocking out and she said yes. Then a few minutes later she was doing it again and she said, "I'm rocking up!" She is so stinking cute sometimes. :)

Then yesterday for Father's day we got ready for church, pulled in there right as they were starting and sat down. The first thing I heard was, "So we'll be letting you go a little early today..." I was super confused as to why they would be letting us go early--I mean it was only Father's Day. :) But then we soon learned the bathrooms were flooded and so it wasn't really safe to keep so many people there for three hours. So we had the Sacrament, the children sang, and we had one youth speaker. Then the Father's got their cookies and we went home. It was kind of weird. I felt like I shouldn't leave because we hadn't been there very long, but there was no reason to stay. I'm just glad it wasn't my week to teach so there wasn't a lesson that went to waste.

Then we had my Dad and Karen over for dinner and sat talking until after 9. Pretty much went to bed shortly after that too.

I feel like I need a whole day to just relax and do nothing. Too bad it's laundry day today. Oh and it's done now so off I go!

Oh and I wish that I could say Rachel's been sleeping in her bed this last week...nope. She's back in the chair. Although the chair has seen better days so we might just get rid of it. I can't decide if we should pay to reupholster it, get a cover for it or just chuck it.

11 June 2007

Update on the bed situation

I have good news to report! Last night Rachel slept in her bed all night! We took the crib apart yesterday after church and did the whole "you're a big girl now" talk to her. She totally agreed that she was in fact a "big girl" and not a "baby" who sleeps in cribs. She was a little uneasy about it at first, but stayed there the whole night! And she is taking her nap there right now! I think taking away the crib is what did it. Hopefully she'll grow to love the bed!

09 June 2007

The lesser of two evils

So because Rachel has not shown interest in sleeping her in crib the last week and we want her to sleep in a bed instead of a chair, we got a bed for her today. Luckily my Dad had an extra twin bed that they weren't using that he let us have. So we brought it home today bought some new sheets and put a pretty quilt that my grandma made for Rachel on it.

Tonight she didn't want to sleep in it. Frankly I wasn't surprised but I thought a little cajoling would help. I laid down with her and sang a couple songs to her and I could actually see her eyes nodding off. I thought she was going strong down the sleepy road, but then changed her mind. I got up, told her good night and as I was leaving she begged me to let her sleep in the chair tonight.

The thing is we moved the crib in front of the chair so she couldn't get to it. I told her to get back in her bed and even gave her a little stool so she could get on it a little easier. Then I shut the door and went about my business. A few minutes ago I peeked in to make sure she was asleep and she wasn't on the bed. So I looked around the room and found her in her....crib!

I guess she chose the lesser of the two evils....

08 June 2007

I got new sheets!

It's funny how the simplest things can make me so happy. Our pillow cases were getting pretty old and our sheets were looking pretty worn too, so a couple weeks ago I went to Target. I browsed and browsed all the bedding aisles and found some.

They are a little crazy to look at but I LOVE them! Spencer thinks they look like a 60's retro dress but I'm just excited for some color other than blue and white in our bedroom. I decided to go out on a limb and I'm glad I did.

What I really wanted too we didn't have the money for, but they have this brown and pink reversible quilt/bedspread that matches too. I seriously almost pulled a "it doesn't matter if we don't have the money, just buy it anyway" but my guilt got the better of me. Soon, though. Soon.

06 June 2007

Hells Bells

Hells Bells are ringing loud in San Diego tonight. The Padres played and beat their rivals, the LA Dodgers 5-2. And best of all, All-Time Saver Trevor Hoffman got his 500th save tonight. Congratulations Trevor!! Thanks for being such a great San Diegan!

I think Rachel needs a real bed

Okay before you get all crazy on me, she does have a bed people. It's just a crib. She has been sleeping comfortably in her crib with the side down for a few months, but yesterday finally figured out how to climb out with the side UP. Plus she has decided she doesn't like her crib as much as she used to and has started trying to sleep on her over sized arm chair in her room. After 45 minutes of her singing and me going in there numerous times telling her to sleep I finally found her asleep in the chair. Only it didn't look too restful...take a look at this video:

Also last night before we went to bed I checked on her and found her on her stomach on the chair, with an arm hanging off the front and her legs up behind her. Clearly she doesn't want to sleep in her bed anymore.

So off I go to Craigslist to find a suitable bed for a 2 1/2 year old for under $50 bucks. Wish me luck!

05 June 2007

Seminary Memories

In our ward Relief Society we are doing something called Scripture University. It's where we as a Relief Society are reading all 4 Standard Works this year--some are reading the Book of Mormon twice, but not me. Anyway so right now I'm in Exodus in the Bible. Reading this brings me back to (what I think was) my senior year in Seminary studying the Old Testament.

There are only a handful of things I actually remember about Seminary. One is Scripture Mastery. Me and 3 others were really good at it and usually won at the Stake thing at the end of the year.

Another is the little drawings that we did to help us remember the scripture mastery scriptures. I don't know what the actual scripture is now, but my friend drew a picture of this guy with a tent stake through his head. I think it's somewhere in Joshua maybe?? I still have the picture, it's just too buried for me to find it. If someday I do find it, I'll take a picture as post it.

And one of the other things is from Exodus chapter 24. I remember the class just cracking up every time we read the word "shittim." I know it's super immature, but as I'm listening to the scriptures right now I'm even chuckling. Sometimes it just cracks me up how funny the Bible can be.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Spencer heard this Whitney Houston song on the radio this afternoon and was just singing it to himself when he got home. I wasn't sure it was Whitney who sang it so I did a search and the video came up. I present it to you for your viewing pleasure.

All I can say is, "Wow."

02 June 2007

More broccoli please!

This is what our two year old has been saying the last couple times we've had broccoli.

Today we were super busy and got home around 5:30 so macaroni and cheese is was for dinner. I thought adding a little broccoli on the side would add at least some nourishment to the dinner so I plopped a couple "trees" on Rachel's plate. The other night we had broccoli also but that was corn dog night. (Seriously folks I do cook healthy meals. It's been a rough week.) Because we were eating corn dogs Rachel had ketchup on her plate and decided broccoli might be good in it.

So she dipped it in.

Spencer and I waited to see what she would do. We watched as she stuck it in her mouth and chewed with a smile on her face. Not only did she eat that bite, but continued to dip the raw, green broccoli in the ketchup and keep eating it. When she was done she asked for more broccoli and she kept dipping it in the ketchup and eating it willingly.

Tonight she did the same thing. Over and over she kept saying, "More broccoli please!" How many kids do you know that say something like that? Hey I don't care how she eats her broccoli, as long as she eats it--especially to counter-act the results of mac and cheese night.

01 June 2007

Music Player

Hey so I was browsing blogs today and was reading what the marvelous Millie had to say--I hope your kids get better soon!--and saw that she found a cool website to upload music on to her blog.

I've been wanting to do this for a while and thought I would give it a try. Take a peak down a little on the page and see what some of my all time favorite songs are. I think it's pretty sweet!