21 June 2007


Seriously, I can't remember when I bought this cross stitch, but I'm pretty sure it was right after Spencer and I got married. We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this August. In any case, it may take me a while to finish things, but eventually they get done. Here is the finished product:

I should say it wasn't entirely my fault that it took so long to finish. I ran out of a few colors of embroidery floss, and sent in a request for them probably 2 years ago. I never heard anything. Then last week I was talking to my friend and she suggested to check their website. Duh! So I sent them an email and 2 days later the missing floss was in my mailbox. And a week later, the cross stitch was done. Now if only I had $200 laying around so I could frame this one and another one I've had done for years.

Incidentally I actually like this one better. I finished this one before the one above. It's been sitting in my bag for a while. Anyone want to donate to the "Frame Jamie's Cross Stitches" Fund? Anyone? Any takers?? :)


Melissa said...

Very cool! I never really got into the cross stitching... it was too much counting... I'm not a good counter... :D

Steph said...

Those are amazing! I didn't know that about you! Very impressive. You should try IKEA for frames.