02 June 2007

More broccoli please!

This is what our two year old has been saying the last couple times we've had broccoli.

Today we were super busy and got home around 5:30 so macaroni and cheese is was for dinner. I thought adding a little broccoli on the side would add at least some nourishment to the dinner so I plopped a couple "trees" on Rachel's plate. The other night we had broccoli also but that was corn dog night. (Seriously folks I do cook healthy meals. It's been a rough week.) Because we were eating corn dogs Rachel had ketchup on her plate and decided broccoli might be good in it.

So she dipped it in.

Spencer and I waited to see what she would do. We watched as she stuck it in her mouth and chewed with a smile on her face. Not only did she eat that bite, but continued to dip the raw, green broccoli in the ketchup and keep eating it. When she was done she asked for more broccoli and she kept dipping it in the ketchup and eating it willingly.

Tonight she did the same thing. Over and over she kept saying, "More broccoli please!" How many kids do you know that say something like that? Hey I don't care how she eats her broccoli, as long as she eats it--especially to counter-act the results of mac and cheese night.


Melissa said...

You gotta love that! My little girl likes broccoli dipped in ranch... whatever! She also eats cucumbers, carrots, corn, and beans but she won't eat anything made from a potato. She will each potato chips if they don't taste anything like a potato (aka - covered in cheese, bbq, sour cream and onion powders...)So weird... lol :)

Lisa M. said...


Oh so dang cute !

nenana said...

my three year old dips carrots in ketchup. eek.