20 June 2007

We are regressing

Okay so I thought my Rachel-will-not-sleep-in-her-bed posts were all done but I'm afraid now we have officially regressed.

There is a huge gash in the side of the chair that she had such a fond attraction to for the last couple weeks. Apparently Rachel is very superficial, because after she tore said hole in the chair she refused to sleep on it. Yesterday afternoon I was trying to get her to take a nap and she didn't want to sleep in the bed, on the chair or wouldn't fall asleep on the floor either (frankly I'm not surprised about the floor thing, but I had to try something.)

So I offered to pull out the port-a-crib. She was instantly excited! So she took her nap there, laid down to go to sleep there last night, but eventually slept in the chair, took her nap there today and is sleeping there right now.

I have to add too, that since we took out the chair the room would have been way too empty so I put her crib back together. Nope, she still wants nothing to do with that. Oh, well...I'm willing to ride the port-a-crib train as long as she will sleep when we want her to and get a good nights sleep.

I never thought some things would be so difficult.

1 comment:

Lisa M. said...

Ah- It'll come together.

Sorry to hear about the continuous struggles.

Duct tape? *chuckle* j/k