19 July 2007

Cranium Thursday

Okay so I'm starting something new here on my blog. Rachel loves to "play" the game Cranium, and by play I mean dump out all the cards and put them back in their boxes. At least she cleans up, right? Anyway so while all those cards are laying there on the floor I'll usually pick a few up and see if I can answer them. So then I got the thought that I would post a question once or twice a week to see if you guys can answer them too! So here's the first one:

This one is a Selectaquest (multiple choice):

On the TV show Happy Days, which was Fonzie's secret fear?

a. liver
b. crashing his motorcycle
c. a dateless Saturday night
d. dancing

Okay the answer is below but if you want to know what it is you have to highlight the text with your mouse to make it show up. No cheating though. :)

a. liver


Melissa said...

lol - I did guess liver! That's too funny! We don't have the original Cranium game... but we do have two of the kids versions... one is perfect for toddlers/preschoolers... It's called Hullabaloo! Ever seen it? The kids have a blast with it!

Jamie J said...

Good job Melissa!! I haven't seen the kids version but I have played another Cranium game and they are pretty fun!