19 July 2007

Never trust a 2 year old

This morning Rachel asked for a snack. I was having some homemade bread so I asked her if she wanted some. Here is conversation that followed--with occasional narration by me:

Me: Do you want some bread?
Rachel: I want peanut butter toast. I wanna eat peanut butter toast on the couch with daddy.

Now Spencer was at work right then but he did babysit her last night while I was at the cannery.

Me: Is that what you did last night?
Rachel: I share daddy's toast on the couch.
Me: Really, hmmm. Well we're going to eat it at the table today.

So I proceeded to confirm this fact with Spencer through text message:

Me: So I understand you at your pb toast on the couch last night....hmmm?
Spencer: I wound never do that...Rachel made me.

Clearly a lie. Later he confessed that he was eating toast on the couch and let Rachel have some...just as she had told me earlier in the day.

The moral of this story is never trust a two year old with secrets. They will always sell you out.


Melissa said...

My kids sell me out all the time. For instance - every gift giving holiday on the planet. For Christmas Hubby wanted a remote control airplane. I took Baby Girl with me and told her over and over and over that we DO NOT TELL DADDY! Got home, wrapped it up again telling her to keep quiet about the surprise. Hubby comes home and I hear, "Daddy look! The big box by the tree is your AIRPLANE!" Grrr...

Jamie J said...

That's a great story Melissa! I don't know what I'm going to do when Christmas comes around...

Cheryl said...

It's true. You can't trust children with secrets...at least until they are older. Then they start keeping secrets from the both you. Not fun!

Jamie J said...

Oh Cheryl, I am not looking forward to that day! I guess I'll stick with the way things are now! LOL